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Is Sand Blasting Worth the Expense?

Posted on: June 23rd, 2015 by byersbushblog

Sand blasting is a relatively affordable way to prepare materials, but it’s not the most affordable solution out there. Some people prefer to grind, sand or treat their equipment themselves before paying to have it painted or powder coated. They do this to save some money and believe that they can achieve the same level of results as sand blasting can, or that the preparation isn’t that important to the final results.

The fact is that a quality sand blasting service is crucial to a good final coating on your material. Without a nice smooth surface to work on there are going to be blemishes on the final product. That takes away from the final look and also makes the item weaker and more prone to problems later on.

Smooth and Even Finish

Hand sanding, grinding and using other methods to remove rust, paint and anything else that you want gone doesn’t provide the smooth results that sand blasting does. This is because sand blasting hits the entire surface at the same time and quickly wears away every part of the exterior coating that you want gone.

No other modification technique will leave you with as smooth of a surface to work with. The finished surface will be smoother and more enjoyable to touch. It will also look more presentable when painted. Fewer creases and rough edges will be apparent on the finished product. For many people this one perk is more than enough to justify spending the extra money on a good sand blasting service.

Better Adhesion of Outer Coating

One of the biggest benefits of having sandblasting done on your items is that you end up with a much cleaner surface that can be painted or powder coated more effectively. The end result is that you get equipment that has a stronger coating and that looks more professional in the end.

You’ll enjoy a more durable item that will last for years longer than some other items would. The enhanced adhesion helps reduce chipping problems and can keep your equipment looking nice and fresh over time.

Superior Rust Removal

Rust is a major problem when it starts spreading on metal. The only way to stop rust from doing more damage is to completely eradicate it from your equipment before giving it a new protective coating. This is very hard to do with standard grinding, sanding or other stripping treatments such as using a needle scaler. It’s quite easy to do with sandblasting.

A good sand blasting service will remove all the traces of rust so that it won’t continue spreading on all your equipment. The service will help your equipment last longer and leave all the rust that you were worried about on the floor of the facility.

Fast Results

When you have a project that needs to be completed quickly the last thing you want to do is wait around for grinding or power sanding services to clean off your equipment. You want the most effective cleaning method to be employed so that you can get your item back in less time.

That’s exactly what sandblasting is for and you can expect to get back your equipment in only a couple days after turning it in when you work with professional companies such as Byers Bush to get the job done.

While sand blasting might cost more money than some other treatments do it’s almost always worth the expense. It gets you top quality results and it does so in a fraction of the time. You’ll be happy that you decided to go with a top quality provider, and whether you are applying the final coat yourself or you are paying someone else to do it you’ll really enjoy the final results thanks to the superior preparation of your material.

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