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Why Choose Powder Coating

Posted on: September 22nd, 2014 by byersbushblog

At Byers Bush, we are dedicated to the art of powder coating. We understand that our customers have options for finishing their indoor and outdoor products and we are proud to provide the best powder coating and finishing services for them. Even though powder coating has been around for several decades, we know that some of our potential customers might not be familiar with the reasons why they should consider powder coating over other finishes. Right now, powder coating is used in 10% of the finishing market, but once people realize the quality finish powder coating presents, that number will continue to grow.


1. Protection

Powder coating offers more protection than traditional paint and other finishes. It is resistant to acid rain, salt water, UV rays, and other weather-related damages. It is also resistant to damages that can come from small debris on the roads, as well as brake fluid and other automotive chemicals. The protective quality is why so many people have their bicycles, motorcycles, and car parts powder coated. If you visit a local park, the majority of furnishing and play sets will have powder coating applied to them, too.


2. Remarkable Finish

Along with the protection, the finish is remarkable, too. Traditional paint drips and leaves unsightly drip marks and other smudges from the drying process. When you choose powder coating, you never have to worry about drips, smudges, or other unwelcome flaws. Powder coating never drips or runs, so the finish is second to none.


3. Environmentally Friendly

Traditional paint often contains ingredients that can damage the environment. Many brands of paint contain VOC (volatile organic compounds) that can have long term effects on the environment and on the human body. Even with good ventilation, finishing that have VOCs can cause health problems with people who are constantly exposed to them. Indoor office furnishings like office furniture, copy machines, and other commonly found items are coated with finishing that contain VOCs, unless they are finished with powder coating. Along with being free of VOCs, powder coating does not create much waste and in most cases excess powder coat can be recycled and used on other projects. Since so many companies are looking to shrink their environmental footprints, they are looking for ways to reduce waste. Choosing to use powder coating allows companies to reduce expenses and toxins, thus allowing companies to reduce their impact on the environment.


4. Heat Resistant

Powder coating is a perfect finish for items that are used near high temperatures. This is why so many automotive parts are powder coated. Traditional paints do not last when exposed to high temperatures. Many of them will bubble or flake which then exposes the underlying part which then becomes damaged from the heat. Powder coating will resist the heat on exhaust manifolds and mufflers. Powder coating is also found on other objects that heat up, like copy machines, washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, light fixtures, and microwave ovens. The finish is resistant to temperatures up to 800 degree Fahrenheit.


5. Useful for restorations

When you are looking for a perfect finish for a restoration project, powder coating is the only way to go. It is no wonder that so many project cars have so many parts powder coated, because of the durability, attractiveness, and affordability. We offer sandblasting services to bring old parts back to new, so we can finish them in the powder coating style of your choice. Powder coating can draw attention to engine parts, bumpers, rear-view mirrors, hood ornaments and branding labels, grills, and other car parts, which is why so many show cars have powder coating today.

We love to talk about powder coating, so you have any questions, feel free to contact Byers Bush at 905-625-4334.

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