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How to Get the Best Out of Steel Wheel Maintenance

Posted on: September 24th, 2018 by byersbushblog

When it comes to steel wheel powder coating, it is understood that the wheels will be used in industries where heavy loads are transported. This means that aside from having the right type of wheels, high quality powder coating is essential. What is the proper steel wheel maintenance you need?

Right Wheel Choice

Wheel powder coating will ensure that there is a durable protection for the wheel, but, if you choose the wrong type of wheel, then any type of protection may not be enough. Keep in mind that efficient and controlled movement is necessary, so any mismatched wheels can result in potential dangers and risky operation. Let the application dictate your wheel choice.

Wheel Maintenance

Select Materials

Environmental and operating conditions must be factored into the choice of wheel materials. Steel wheels, despite having acceptable corrosion and rust resistance will eventually give in if subjected to harsh salty and damp conditions. This means that you may need to do some sandblasting to clear all the impurities before having to do some touch up or new layer of coat protection. Proper powder coating can ensure that there is additional protection even when operating in high temperature environments.

Wheel Care

Any type of notches or scrapes on the surface of the wheel will lead to a deterioration of its service life. This means that there is extreme need to handle these materials with the utmost care. The moment that rust begins to set in, intensive maintenance work will be required or perhaps even costly replacement may be considered. Prevention is still the best way to take care of the steel wheels and in this aspect, steel powder coat will go a long way.

Working Loads

What happens when load limits are exceeded? Unsafe and destructive working environments are created. In case you are not aware of it, cart wheels may be flattened if excessive load or overloading is done. Make sure that the limitations of the manufacturer are observed explicitly because this is part of proper steel wheel maintenance and safety as well.

Speed Limits

When you go beyond the safe or recommended operating speeds, it does not matter how great the quality of the steel wheel is, you are courting danger. Excessive speeds will also shorten the effective service life because of the unnecessary wear and tear.

Track Conditions

As far as proper steel wheel maintenance goes, it should not be limited to the wheel itself. It is necessary to make sure that the tracks are properly aligned and leveled as well. Any misalignment can damage the flanges including a host of other problems.

Bearings and Bushings

The role of these components is to minimize the friction that occurs between the axle and the wheel through a rolling and sliding mechanism. By ensuring that the right sized materials are used, degradation can be avoided and the lifespan of the steel wheels will be prolonged. Bearings are used for lighter loads while bushings are preferred for heavier loads transported at slower speeds.

Wheel Maintenance


Consistent lubrication is likewise required on the surfaces of the bushings and bearings at the point where it meets the axel. Grease, oil, or water may be used, what is more important is to be aware of the lubrication schedule, which is part of the regular maintenance procedure. The hotter the operating environment, the more frequent lubrication is required.


Aside from the frequent maintenance schedule, it is a good rule of thumb to monitor other components associated with the operation of the steel wheel like the flange for example. This allows you to take immediate action on the repair, adjustment, or other diagnostics necessary. Industrial wheels may be prone to cracking, notching, or pitting, but with proper and high quality powder coating procedure, these can be minimized.

If you want improved lifespan and better performance, powder coating maintenance of steel wheels can help.

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