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Going Vintage With Powder Coating

Posted on: October 25th, 2018 by byersbushblog

There are so many things you can do with powder coating. But, have you ever tried using it in designing your home? If you can imagine the number of creative things you can achieve with this process, then maybe it is time to try out vintage home design using powder coating.

vintage with powder coating

Designing home using powder coating

As far as home design is concerned, it is seldom that powder coating comes into the picture unless you are considering pieces that are bought with a powder coating design. However, this process does provide some unique benefits and features especially to metal materials.

When you design interior projects, you can take into account the uniform wash of colors and additional shine that the coating process can deliver. Even outdoor furniture benefits from it because of the durable coat and outstanding finish it provides.

It is recommended however for interior design powder coating projects to stick with metal pieces. You can go anywhere from touch up to customizing to get the kind of look, appeal, and atmosphere you would want to project in your home. The vintage look can be created in your rooms, kitchen, lighting, and virtually any place in your home.

The powder coats design also features a variety of colors with an option to customize shades based on your preferences. You need to be aware that with vintage designs, any material that is excessively dirty would have to go through sandblasting to ensure that the resulting coat would be right.

Identifying the best selection of Powder coating color charts for your design

What colors are available when you do powder coating? When you look at the powder coating color chart, you will see that there are a wide variety of powders that can be used in creating the desired finish you want. This means that the color coated material present an unlimited number of options for you.

Not only can you vary the type of shade, you may also change the gloss range as well as the texture of the finish. Considering that the coat is designed to meet various functional requirements, it is not surprising that custom powder coat colors are made available for all applications including vintage home design.

Color powder coating equipment normally relies on conveyor lines and batch systems to achieve a uniform coating for most types of metal materials. To help you identify the best color choice for your project, aside from relying on the color charts, you can also request a prototype production to see the final effect.

Custom colors powder coating can be a delicate procedure so you need to make sure that the service provider has the technology and experience to serve your exact needs. Otherwise, everything may start to fail as early as the pretreatment stage.

powder coating

How to do Vintage design with powder coating

It does not matter if you are powder coating vintage bicycle or an old sink, this method restores the original finish to a better one and with better protection. When you powder coat vintage sink, it looks great and you are assured of its durability as the coat will protect the metal against rust.

Vintage powder coating will allow your items to be protected by a lasting finish that brings out its beauty. This means that the process will also save you money compared to simply rust proofing the metal or restoring it with other processes.

The process how to powder coat designs start with the preparation or pretreatment of the material. This is normally done by sandblasting and chemical cleaning to ensure that there are no dirt and grime remaining on the surface. It is then preheated to allow the powder to stick better to the surface.

The preheated metal will then be sprayed with powder to ensure that a uniform coat will be achieved. It is then placed in the curing oven to allow the powder to melt and create a beautiful, strong, and lasting finish. Poser coating vintage items can be done in just a number of minutes since curing normally takes place in about 20 minutes from the time of removal from the curing oven.

How we can help you to do powder coating?

There are a number of powder coating services that you can look up. The question however is whether these are professional powder coating services, which means that they guarantee excellent turnaround times combined with superior finish and outstanding customer service.

If you are truly serious with your vintage projects, you need to make sure that you get all the powder coating benefits possible. With more than 40 years of powder coating and sandblasting experience, we are sure that we can help.

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