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Using Thermoplastic Technology When its Most Appropriate

Posted on: March 16th, 2015 by byersbushblog

There are two different types of powder coating that you have to choose from when deciding how to protect your belongings. There is thermoplastic technology and thermoset technology. Each has its own benefits, but there are several reasons that many manufacturers and commercial users prefer to stick with thermoplastic solutions over thermoset ones. Learning the benefits of thermoplastic applications will allow you to choose the appropriate time to use this type of solution and also help you decide when you should be going with a thermoset solution instead.

Chemical Resistance

Most thermoplastic materials aren’t very reactive and they won’t react with most chemicals. This means that they can be used in most commercial environments safely without fear of a reaction occurring. Thermosets aren’t so reliable and since a chemical reaction is used to create them in the first place they tend to be much more reactive products. If you are diligent about selecting materials that won’t react with anything in your facility you can go with thermoset solutions, but thermoplastics are easier to choose and often safer and more effective as well.

High Quality Finish

A thermoplastic is very easy to work with and can be melted down onto most metallic surfaces very smoothly. Most thermoplastic coatings, including the Plascoat PPA5571 coating can be applied at a fine level giving a more attractive finish than what is possible with a thermoset application. If you need your finished products to be as appealing as possible it’s important to go with a thermoplastic coating instead of a thermoset one.

Superior Impact Resistance

One excellent reason to choose a thermoplastic coating over a thermoset one is the improved impact resistance that your product will have. If you will be using the product in an environment where there is potential for it to be slammed into very hard you will be able to count on a thermoplastic coating to withstand the impact more effectively. The only downside to this type of setup is that the exterior of the material will begin to look worn after it has been impacted many times, but even as it begins looking worn it will continue to function for a long time. Thermoplastic absorbs impacts more effectively and is the product to use for protection against severe, but infrequent, impacts such as those that occur to automobiles, or to driving equipment in a loading bay.

Benefits of Thermoset Coatings

There are also a few benefits of thermoset coatings that you should take into account. Thermoset coatings tend to be more rigid and they will stand up to minor bumps and scrapes more effectively than thermoplastic coatings will. That means thermoset coatings end up looking better after a few years of regular bumps and scrapes than thermoset will because it’s a harder material. These coatings also tend to stand up to heat more effectively, and are preferred in extreme heat environments where thermoplastics run the risk of melting. Finally thermoset coatings are often a bit more affordable than thermoplastics are.

If you decide that you need a powder coated finish on some of your equipment and you need top level impact protection, chemical resistance, or the best looking finish that you can get a thermoplastic technology is the clear choice. Byers Bush provides a proven thermoplastic coating called PPA 5571 and can help extend the life of tools and equipment for decades when used properly. Just be sure that you are choosing the right type of coating for the job that you need done, and you’ll be able to see just how beneficial powder coating really is and why it is worth the expense.

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