The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

Using the Right Powder Coating Supplies Makes a Big Difference

Posted on: January 10th, 2015 by byersbushblog

No matter if you are attempting to apply a powder coat yourself, or you are hiring a professional company such as Byers Bush to do the work for you, it’s vital that quality supplies are being used throughout the process. When I say powder coating supplies, I mean the tools as well as the physical powder that is being used to complete the installation, particularly the powder.

Good Quality Tools are Necessary

For the best possible coating that you can get you need top level tools to complete the job. This means that a good solid booth, and a top level oven are necessary in order to achieve a good reliable finish. Many of the low-end coating suppliers simply won’t have the right tools to do the best job that they can. When you opt for a more reliable and professional business you get the benefit of their higher-priced and better quality equipment as well, which really shines through to provide a better quality coating in the end.

Top Level Suppliers

Byers Bush makes use of proven suppliers such as Sherwin Williams and Erie Powder to complete all of their work. This helps them assure that they can provide a top-level installation each and every time that they have to for a customer. It increases the quality of their work and gives them a better name in the process. When you get work done from Byers Bush you not only have hundreds of different colours to choose from, you also know that the powder that is used on your piece is going to be quality and free from any defects that will compromise the layer.

Extend Product Lifespan with a Quality Coating

Most of the time powder coating is applied to metal in order to protect it against corrosion. When it’s applied properly the metal will last for many additional years on top of its standard lifespan. A poor application won’t keep all of the corrosion out, or it will be more likely to chip or break and then begin allowing the coating in. A good application provides more protection and helps to really extend the life of metal objects further and give them a more appealing look as well.

Pleasing to Look At

Not only will the best supplies make your final product more durable, but they will also make them more pleasing to look at. This is a very valuable thing when you want to finish railings and other decorative pieces that you will be showing off. That’s why you want to find a company that relies on good quality supplies. They will have access to more finishes that you can choose from, and the railing will turn out smoother once completed. It doesn’t matter if a professional applies your coating well if they aren’t using high quality materials when they do it. You could have a powder coat applied to a hand railing in front of your home expertly and have it fail in just a few years due to low-quality supplies. Only work with companies that have well-known and reliable suppliers providing their materials. If you aren’t sure who supplies a company don’t be afraid to ask them. The best companies will be up front about the suppliers that they use and will tell you anything that you want to know about them. Byers Bush lists their suppliers right on their website, and they even link out to each one of them to make contacting them easier. That’s the type of support and transparency that you want in your powder coat professional. Only when you know who is supplying their materials can you judge whether or not you can count on the finished result to last.

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