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Knowing Different Types of Powder Coating Guns

Posted on: December 24th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Have you ever seen a powder coating gun?  These types of guns deliver the right intensity to allow the air in the chamber to spray the dry powder.  The powder is charged to ensure that it sticks to the surface to be coated.  Different techniques are often used to produce the electrostatic charge.  Did you know that there are different types of powder coating guns?

Types of Gun

There is no denying that the powder coating gun is one of the most important elements in ensuring that proper powder coating process is accomplished.  The type of gun usually dictates the type of finishing technique applied on a surface.  This means that powder coating guns for thermosetting and thermoplastics are different.

The great news is that all types of powder coating guns never pose risks to the user.  It is also normal for significant amounts of dust to be produced because you have to remember that dry powder is being used.  So what are the types of guns used in powder coating methods today?

  • Craftsman Gun

This type of powder coating gun does not make use of any air compressor.  The craftsman gun is ideal for those who are only starting to do powder coating.  The powder is placed in a small plastic cup, which means frequent refilling.

The grounded object is placed in the cup and loaded onto the gun to start coating.  The powder will be charged by the metal pin at the middle of the gun.  You have to clean the pin regularly because if it becomes coated, it will lessen its efficiency.  The craftsman gun is one of the most affordable in the market.

  • Wagner Sprint X

Many beginners prefer this gun because of the easy availability of replacement parts.  It is fitted with an initiative rotary dial that allows the user to choose among the different setting based on the kind of powder and coat that you want.  The application rate of the Wagner Sprint X is measured at 450 grams per minute and is ideal for beginners in powder coating who are sensitive about the price.

  • Harbor Freight

This is a great gun from a good company.  That is why this type of powder coating gun is an excellent choice for virtually all types of powder coating method.  The company that manufactures this gun sells it in a variety of colors.

  • Gema Optiflex 2

Are you looking for a durable and high performing powder coating gun?  Then this is the right one for you.  A bit pricey because of its power, durability, and warranty, it allows for easy assembly that delivers a smooth spraying action.  With an application rate of 395 grams per unit, it delivers efficient results even if you make multiple coats.  Difficult areas can be coated with ease using its PCC mode and the Faraday cage areas can be covered with efficiency by removing free ions from the charge field.

  • Nordson Encore XT

Light, easy to use and a high quality for a mid-priced powder coating gun.  It comes with 17 customizable settings that you can save for future use.  Skilled powder coaters will find this type of gun of great use because it is highly efficient with Faraday cage issues and covering tight areas.

  • Eastwood Gun

One of the very few guns that has a dual voltage function, it comes with a kit that includes assorted colors, plugs, and tape.  The instruction manual is very useful to correctly operate it.

  • Hotcoat Dual Voltage

Another dual voltage gun that is dependable when doing dual coats.  You can choose from minimum to 25kV voltage settings.  This is useful in covering different types of metal.  The higher the voltage, the more powder sticks to the surface.  Setting it too high though can cause the powder to bounce off.  This type of powder coating gun also has a kit that comes with powders.

So many types of powder coating guns to choose from.  But if you really want to get things right, trust the experience of the experts in powder coating processes.

Contact Byers Bush powder coating today to let the experts handle your coating jobs with high efficiency and high performance, resulting in giving quality metal protection.

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