The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

Trust Byers Bush for Your Powder Coat Needs

Posted on: December 31st, 2014 by byersbushblog

Plascoat PPA 571 powder coat treatments have proven to be some of the most effective treatments on the market today. Their benefits are numerous and impressive compared ot more traditional protective treatments on the market today. Unfortunately these coatings aren’t any good if they aren’t applied properly, and that’s why it is vital that you find a good supplier of this technology to apply the coating for you. Byers Bush is the premier coater in the Toronto area and they are one of the most reliable in the business.

Careful Team Training

Each team member goes through extensive training before they are allowed to begin treating customer products in the factory. The careful education process allows Byers Bush to offer one of the highest quality coats in the Toronto area. The team members work together to get products treated quickly and effectively and the products are almost always accepted by the customers because they meet or exceed their expectations.

Offers a Wide Selection

With over 200 different powders in stock at any one time Byers Bush understands the importance of getting jobs done quickly and providing plenty of options to their customers. This is why they offer one of the widest color selections in the industry and how they are able to offer such fast turnaround times. Your custom coating will be completed quickly and effectively and you’ll be able to pick the exact color that you want from among a wide pool of choices that you have available to you.

Fast Response Time

Byers Bush has a turnaround time that averages 3 days or less, meaning that you can submit your work at the beginning of the week and have it by the end without fail. Smaller coaters can’t compete with these turnaround speeds while maintaining quality treatments and that’s why Byers Bush has become the industry leader in Toronto.


More than forty years in the powder coating industry has given the company all the training and experience it needs to come up with the best application techniques and protocols for employees to follow. This is why Byers Bush has such a low rate return rate, because they produce so few errors on their applications. Each of the highly trained staff members understands which coatings to apply to which materials. They understand when products need to be taped or capped for added protection, and with a success rate of 99.8% it’s easy to see why so many companies trust Byers Bush to get the job done right the first time.

Highly Capable Paint Facility

Another major draw of Byers Bush is their ability to coat a variety of different surfaces. The facility is capable of coating metals in the Toronto area that are up to 18 feet in length, 54 inches wide and 80 inches in height. Most products can be coated in the facility and they can be taken care of efficiently and expertly giving you the peace of mind you need to relax and wait for your protected product to return.

If you are looking for a professional company to help meet your powder coat needs in the Toronto area give Byers Bush a try. Many customers have converted to their services after realizing how much faster their turnaround times are, and how high their quality standards are. These two characteristics together help the company stand out, and will help them win your trust as well. Give Byers Bush a call and learn how they can help solve your metal treatment problems. Most metal can be effectively treated with a Plascoat PPA 571 treatment, and Byers Bush is the best at applying this versatile protective coating.

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