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Tips on How to Care for Powder Coating

Posted on: June 23rd, 2014 by byersbushblog

In the relatively short time it’s been around, powder coating is already renowned for its superior durability over other surface finishing methods, but without maintenance here and there, you’re unlikely to maximize this superlative lasting potential.

By following these care tips, you’ll be future proofing all powder coated items around your household and really make the most of your investment.

Make a schedule

Every surface is different, and will require different levels of maintenance depending on their individual environment and the sort of things they’re likely to be exposed to in virtue of that environment.

For example, environments surrounding pools will require bi annual checks, whereas surfaces that aren’t exposed to pollution or hazardous chemicals will only require checks on an annual basis. Those that are may require checks that happen as regularly as once a month.

The environment really determines your maintenance schedule, so before you take any action, you’ll need to assess the potential for damage.

How to clean powder coating

The key to successful cleaning can be summed up with the phrase “easy does it”. PH neutral dish soap in warm water is perfect, as anything with strong chemicals can damage powder coating.

Gentle outdoor detergents can also be used, but you’ll want to test a small area before using it liberally across the entire surface.

Use a soft brush to gently cleanse the surface and allow it to air dry.

How to remove stains

Stains can be a tricky mistress when it comes to powder coating. Avoid strong chemicals, again, and instead stick to something pure but strong, like white spirit.

Limit the surface’s interaction with white spirit as far as possible, and be sure to rinse thoroughly when the stain has lifted.

Other cleaning methods

Washing by hand can be a particularly arduous task if the surface needs regular cleaning, or is particularly large. In these cases, you can use pressure washers to tackle a large surface area in one fell swoop.

If you wish to go down this route, make sure the pressure washer never exceeds 1,500psi and is always at least 10 inches away from the surface during the cleaning process.

How to brighten powder coating

“Sometimes powder coats are structurally fine, but can become dulled.”

If this happens, you can mix one part bleach with three parts water and use the resulting solution to cleanse the surface.

Apply sparingly, leave for 10 minutes and then scrub the surface with a soft brush. When complete, rinse thoroughly to remove bleach residue.

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