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Going Vintage With Powder Coating

Posted on: October 25th, 2018 by byersbushblog

There are so many things you can do with powder coating. But, have you ever tried using it in designing your home? If you can imagine the number of creative things you can achieve with this process, then maybe it is time to try out vintage home design using powder coating. (more…)

What Are the Common Mistakes When Specifying Powder Coating?

Posted on: October 1st, 2018 by byersbushblog

How can you ensure that you are getting the best powder coating service possible? Some would say, find the best service provider. However, service providers can only do so much based on the information that the client gives them. So if you present the wrong information, or imply the wrong application, then you may end up disappointed. What are the common mistakes when specifying powder coating? (more…)

Where Can Powder Coating Be Used?

Posted on: September 6th, 2018 by byersbushblog

Powder coating is a combination of polymer resin systems combined with curatives and other additives processed into a powder form similar to baking flour. Powder coating application uses a spray gun to apply an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, which makes them attracted to the grounded part.  The parts then enter a curing oven where, with the addition of heat, the coating chemically reacts to produce long molecular chains, resulting in high cross-link density that is very resistant to breakdown. Powder coating is popular because it’s easy to use, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and tough! (more…)

Why Powder Coating is Better than Wet Painting

Posted on: August 13th, 2018 by byersbushblog

When it comes tothe metallic beauty of your stuff and furniture, one longevity question comes to mind: which kind of paint is better? Should you use powder coating or wet painting? What is the difference between them?


Which One is The Best: Powder Coating or Liquid Coating?

Posted on: July 18th, 2018 by byersbushblog

Is there significant benefit in choosing between powder and liquid coating? Obviously, there are many factors that can be considered to establish whether one is indeed better than the other. If we consider for example that both processes are factory applied using controlled and stable conditions, will there be a difference aside from the price? Let’s try to see. (more…)