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Steps in Powder Coating Fence and Railing

Posted on: July 19th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Did you know that powder coating in general is a great solution in fighting rust? Powder coated materials are virtually maintenance-free and can withstand almost the harshest environmental conditions. So what goes into powder coating fence and railing? Let’s take a look.

Pre-Coating Process

Before the actual powder coating can begin, the fence and railing has to go through an extensive preparation process. The initial step is to inspect the material for defects. After that, professional powder coating services have a conveyor belt where the material will go through a pre-coating preparation process.

In the preparation stage the parts will undergo an extensive cleaning and drying procedure. In fact, the parts for powder coating will be cleaned several times. The parts may also be pre-treated with coating that has a fluoride additive.

After all the rinses and treatments, the parts have to be completely dried. Air compressor is normally used blasting air droplets at the speed of almost 200 miles per hour to remove the moisture from the surface of the material. To make sure that the part is completely dry, it will be subjected to heating to allow the remaining moisture to evaporate. Any moisture left in the material can ruin the entire powder coating procedure.

Powder Coating

The actual powder coating process will begin after all the cleaning, rinsing, and drying have been completed. Automatic guns will apply the powder. The powder is made up of miniscule electrostatic charged particles that are strongly attracted to the fence and railing. Why will it stick? The spray guns make the particles negatively charged while the fence and railing will be grounded. As science tells us, opposing charges will attract each other resulting in a durable bond.

To further strengthen the bond, the powder coated material will be placed in a curing oven. It will be subjected to extremely high temperatures so that the powder cures and creates in a smooth, even, and long-lasting coating.

Advantages of Powder Coating

So why should you choose the process of powder coating fence and railing instead of painting it? There are a number of valid and sensible reasons that you can consider. These include:

  • Maintenance-Free – unlike paint, powder coated fence or railing does not require maintenance. The powder coated material benefits from the strong and long lasting coat that there is no need to reapply it. The coating acts as a layer of protection so that even if it is exposed to the elements, the coating will hardly fade.
  • Extreme Durability – we have all seen it, a beautifully painted surface begins to peel and crack after a couple of years. With powder coating, the fence and railing will not peel crack, blister, or develop rust. This means that its beauty will be preserved and you end up saving money. Powder coating when done properly can even last your entire life.
  • Environment Friendly – there is little to no impact on the environment when you use powder coating. Very little water is used in the process. And whatever water is used can be treated and reused with the help of a wastewater treatment facility. Powder coating also does not involve the dangerous volatile organic compounds that are associated with paints.
  • Variety of Colors –powder coating offers a variety of colors beyond the standards. This mean that you can actually select any color shade that you want. Creating custom colors is also possible with powder coating so there is no reason why you cannot have the color that you want.

How can you be sure that you will get all of these when powder coating fence and railing? Make sure that you get only the best professional service possible. Call Byers Bush Powder Coating today and let them help you with your needs for a durable shield protection in powder coating

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