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Adding Special Effect With Powder Coating

Posted on: November 1st, 2018 by byersbushblog

Do you want to take your powder coating and sandblasting activities to the next level? Why don’t you add some special effects? If the almost endless array of colors, textures, and gloss are not enough for you, then, let’s explore what special effects can bring.

Benefits on using special effect with powder coating

For those who are quite new to powder coating or are not really aware of what the process brings to the table, let’s try to discuss why it is worth to use special effects. We all know that powder coating is a great technique for decorating and protecting almost all types of metals. Powder coating furniture takes on the same process as finishing car parts or virtually any material that can be subjected to the coating.

Why is special effect design worth it? Aside from the durability, it enhances the beauty of the finishing. Considering that powder coating technology is used in approximately 10% of all industrial finishing applications, there is something great with this method.

Powder coating finishing provides durable and high quality finishes, and if you add special effects to it, you simply get more benefits. Does it affect the resistance to scratching, fading, chipping or wearing out? Of course not, in some aspects, it may even enhance this feature. And for just a few dollars more, you get an upgraded finish with special effects.

Compared to other finishing methods, powder coating remains as one of the more environment-friendly techniques used today. So aside from saving money, you also help save the environment while getting an extremely beautiful and durable coat. This does make it all worth it.

special effect powder coating

How much it cost?

All of these special effects come with a price. Taking into account the benefits that it brings, will the powder coating cost still be worth it?

In general, computation of the cost of powder coating would depend on the type of surface or product you want to coat. Using coated vehicle parts as a reference, you normally would shell out anywhere from $400 to $1,000 based on the size of the vehicle. Sanding and coating smaller parts would usually run for $50 to $100, while parts like wheels are commonly priced from $400 to $700.

Process Powder Coating Special Effects

As earlier mentioned, there isn’t much difference between regular powder coating and using special effects. The main difference would be that coating special effects require curing every powder layer before the next coat can be applied. This is done to ensure that an even coat is reached with the special effects correctly achieved.

Yes, this powder coating technique can be quite consuming, but, once you see the results, it would definitely be well worth it! Special effects can produce amazing results using multi-step methods like two-tone and candy-coat finishes.

The special powder coating process requires the use of multiple coat applications going through various curing steps. The result can be finishes with amazing depth accompanied by bright and dramatic colors. If you want to mask a powder effect, you will need to rely on high temperature tape to have cleaner lines between the colors.

The result powder coating using special effect and general powder coating

Powder coating special effect would normally be a decision made by the customer who is looking for more visual appeal. In most instances, the customer is looking for specific designs like brushed effect, metallic effect, or marble effect among others to meet a certain look.

It is not impossible though to consider that a special effect can also be used to hide some substrate surface flaws. For example, color graduation can be used to hide fading of the coat. These are the more common functional reasons why special effects may be used.

Normally, the type of special effect used will have no impact on the substrate, but, it does impact pretreatment, coating, and curing. Materials like hot dip galvanized metal may cause some outgassing issues.

powder coating colors

Why professional should do this?

With so much expertise requires to operate a powder coating system, it would be hard to imagine a non-professional operating it. Aside from expertise, experience is also a huge factor, and if you combine both, then powder coat manufactures one of the best products possible.

Most professional companies can present a powder coating catalog to help customers decide, but a truly professional service provider must also be reputable, reliable, trustworthy, and proactive in resolving customer issues.

If you want a truly professional company, then call Byers Bush Powder Coating now.

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