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Silk Screening Powder Coated Goods Makes a Lot of Sense

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 by byersbushblog

Whether you are new to powder coating your goods, or you simply aren’t familiar with silk screening it makes a lot of sense to have both of these services completed on most equipment and products. Powder coating offers all the protection that the product will need, but can’t provide the high level of detail that silk screening can.

By adding in a layer of silk screening you can add designs to your products, create contrast between the colors of your items and just enhance the overall quality of your offerings in general.

What is Silk Screening?

Silk screening is a simple process that applies a thin layer of ink, paint or other colorant to surfaces through the use of a fine screen with some areas the liquid can flow through, and other areas that restrict that flow.

By controlling the flow of the liquid in a pattern highly detailed prints can be created in a wide variety of objects. Silk screening works similarly to stencils and paint, but can be controlled more effectively and offer a greater level of detail with different colorants.

Why is it Useful?

Silk screening is a quick and easy way to brand products, to add directions or to decorate an item. The process can be applied to most smooth surfaces and it’s very cost effective. Compared to most other ways to custom brand a product silk screening just makes a lot of sense for people in most industries.

Adding Silk Screening to Powder Coated Goods

Whether you manufacturer components or equipment there is a good chance that you’ll need both powder coating protection and written directions or designs provided by silk screening.

Fortunately, Byers Bush offers both of these services together. By adding silk screening to a powder coated part right after its finished the two services can be provided much faster than working with two different companies to get the work done. This means that parts can be created in less time and you can provide customers with custom powder coating faster and more effectively than before.

Add High Contrast Graphics with Good Results

When you decide to have silk screening done on one of your products make sure that you go with a high contrast picture with very clear lines.

Silk screening does an alright job with picking up minor details, but the cleaner the original picture looks, the easier it will be to read once applied. The process can be completed with a variety of different colors and that’s another reason that silk screening is useful for decorating your projects. It’s affordable and can add a nice contrasting color to an otherwise dark or dull item. Silk screening breathes life into items when performed properly.

Packing Products up For Shipment

After the silk screen process is complete Byers Bush is capable of packing up products and shipping them out to customers to save your company time and money. We can get the work done in less time than it would take to have yet another business take care of packaging and shipping items. We can meet most packing requirements and stick to custom directions for a good end result.

By expanding its services Byers Bush can offer faster results for its customers. When you need powder coating and screen printing on a single item it makes a lot of sense to deal with a company that can take care of both needs at the same time. Not only will it save time, but by combining these two steps you end up with better results overall.

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