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Screening over Powder Coating for High Contrast Finish

Posted on: June 26th, 2015 by byersbushblog

If you’re paying to have an item of yours powder coated, you can enhance it further by adding in some screen printing as well. While powder coating is a premium service that costs quite a premium to have performed, screen printing is actually quite affordable and makes a nice accent to the undercoated layer.

Many electronic manufacturers rely on screen printing to accent different sections of their equipment and label everything that’s going on around it. You can use the same technique to not only label your products but enhance them with different colors and more intricate patterns.

Adding Additional Details

A good screen printing operation can put letters, numbers and designs on a variety of different surfaces. You’ll be able to choose the color that you like and explain exactly how it should be put onto your project.

Most of the time you can simply send of a print file and have it added right to the work you want completed. This not only speeds up the process even more, but gives you complete control over the end results. If you have items that are being powder coated and you’d like to give them a more enticing look, think about adding in some additional details using screen printing.

Simplifying Assembly

If you create products that have to be assembled by the consumer it makes a lot of sense to invest in silk screening to simplify the process. A good silk screened label can show off important assembly points and make it clear which part goes where. Silk screening works very well on internal parts that aren’t going to be viewed regularly, and offers instructions to the

Supplementing Limited Color Options

While some companies like Byers Bush have a great selection of powder coat colors, others do not. If you are trying to make the most of a lacking selection you can add silk screening on top of that original coating to infuse additional colors into the end result. You’ll enjoy more customization on each of your items and won’t have to worry about the first coating that you get on the item as much.

 Getting it All in One Place

There are a select number of powder coating companies that offer screen printing as well. When you deal with one of these companies you simply give them all your specifications and wait for the finished product to arrive. The nice thing about doing this is that the business takes responsibility for the entire finish, and if something happens to the powder coat during the screen printing process you can have it fixed up as well.

It won’t put you in a situation where two businesses are blaming one another and neither is agreeing to pay for damages. Companies like Byers Bush that offer both services at the same time are reliable and more importantly fast. You can have your item powder coated and screen printed in the same time it would take a normal company to simply do the coat.

Screen printing and powder coating go well together. If you’re considering getting your equipment protectively coated you should think about having it decorated as well. You’ll enjoy the additional details that you can add and you won’t have to deal with the high cost of having a piece coated multiple colors.

You’ll have the best of both worlds and can enjoy intricate designs without worrying about a high added cost for them. Stick to providers like Byers Bush that offer both services and you’ll also have an all-in-one experience that is simple and easy to utilize when you need it.

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