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Using Sandblasting to Control Rust Attack

Posted on: June 28th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Rust is a serious issue on any piece of metal equipment, and it must be controlled at all costs. That means preventing rust whenever possible, and removing any trace of rust after it has developed on the surface of one of the materials.

Doing these two things isn’t as easy as it sounds, but powder coating can effectively prevent rust from occurring, and sandblasting can remove any trace of it if it does appear.

Protect Against Moisture and Rust

A good thick powder coating treatment is often enough to keep rust at bay. It helps seal the metal surfaces within from any moisture and impurities on the outside. If you can keep salt and other impure traces off the metal you won’t have any rust issues at all.

That is why it makes so much sense to protect your parts, equipment, tools and furniture with a powder coat treatment as soon as possible.

Fend off Rust Fast

Once rust has formed on your items, it is vital that you get rid of it as soon as possible, because rust spreads rapidly. You will go from a mild rusting, to serious flaking and structural problems if the spread isn’t kept in check.

That is why it must be removed quickly. Grinding, sanding and scraping will get rid of most of the rust, but usually won’t remove it all. Many rust particles are simply too fine for such tools to work effectively without removing a significant portion of undamaged material. Sandblasting can remove all traces of rust, without significantly damaging the material underneath.

Ensure Protective Coating Adherence

A high quality powder coating is excellent for protecting against weathering, but it won’t work if it doesn’t adhere to the metal surface properly. That is why you must take the time to ensure that the coat is adhered properly by smoothing away any impurities before it’s applied.

Most professional facilities rely on sandblasting to clean off any surface oxidation of metal and to clear away impurities so that a better surface contact can be achieved.

Smoothly Finish a Piece of Metal

Not only is sandblasting excellent for removing rust without damaging the materials underneath, it is also very good for smoothing out a material, so it can be coated without looking uneven or lumpy.

That means that you can take an older part that is coated with rust in places, and rely on sandblasting to help smooth out the surface of that material and give it a better appearance overall.

It might not look brand new once it is finished, but should look noticeably improved over a product that is not sanded down properly.

If you truly want to keep your equipment, furniture or other metal surfaces free from rust, you have to be willing to coat them to protect against moisture and impurities carried by the water, and you have to work with a company that employs sandblasting to clean away any rust and other problems effectively.

Don’t rely on a more affordable procedure that isn’t going to give the same high level results, because even just a few missed spots of rust can result in significant problems later on down the road if they aren’t removed.

Get in touch with local companies to see if they offer sandblasting and powder coating protection as well. If you are lucky you will find a few companies that do that you can rely on to get the work done properly.

Take a look at reviews, prices and the overall services offered, and pick out the companies that seem like the very best option for you. That is the way to protect your metal surfaces properly.

Contact Byers Bush, a large powder coat company in Mississauga to handle all your metal equipments sandblasting and powder coating, to give your equipment more protection against rust.

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