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Sandblasting Tools before Powder Coating gives more Protection

Posted on: January 13th, 2016 by byersbushblog

Whether you are painting a car part, or having something powder coated it’s important that you have the piece sandblasted before you have it protectively coated. Sandblasting is an important service that prepares the pieces before powder coat and helps achieve the best possible protective finish in the end. It’s simple for a skilled company to do, and it’s relatively inexpensive as well.

Get an Even Coat

The major benefit of sandblasting is that it evenly cleans up the product that is being hit by the abrasive spray. It’s sprayed all over the surface and it roughs it all up at the same time. The end result is a surface that’s been roughed up all over the place.

This allows the coating to stick to it readily and will help you avoid any patchy spots where the coating did not want to stick. This is especially important if you are trying to coat a part that’s greasy or has a glossy finish before you have the work done. If that sheen is not broken through you simply won’t be able to coat it properly.

Have Your Coater Do the Work

When you pay to have something powder coated you want to make sure the coating is going to go on as completely and evenly as possible. That’s why you have to pay for sandblasting before you get the coated put on.

Because these two services go hand in hand, many larger companies like Byers Bush offer both at the same time. When you find out about a company that offers both of these things at once, it’s a good idea to have both done at once. Not only will you likely qualify for mild discounts since you are ordering multiple services, but you’ll get your parts back faster.

If you have to rely on two different companies to clean off your parts and then coat them with the powdercoat, you’re simply going to have to wait longer before you get the finished product. There will be a waiting period in between the two services and you’ll be stuck waiting several days or even weeks in some instances, rather than the short period that the single company quoted you.

When dealing with multiple companies there is also more room for error as well. If the coating falls apart and you’re left with a poor looking product there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. Both of the companies will likely try to blame the other and you’ll have a hard time proving which company made the mistake.

This makes it harder having the problem fixed. When you work with the same company the entire time they accept more responsibility for any errors that occur after the application and that’s the type of support that you want.

There are plenty of different items that you can have sandblasted. Any metal product that needs to be cleaned up can be treated with sandblasting to help improve any protective treatment that it gets and to get it very clean.

Save Time

While you could have many of your projects sanded down through more traditional means, sandblasting is faster and more effective. You won’t have to worry about missed spots and you won’t have to pay employees to take all the time to sand the items down.

When you work with professionals you’ll get the cleaned items in less time and they’ll be ready to be painted or whatever it is that you want to do with them. When you’re running a business time is money, and you’ll save a bit of both when you work with professionals to get your sandblasting services.

Look around for local providers and keep a few on file for when you need sandblasting next. It takes time to find a good company to work with, but when you do you’ll know who to go with every time that you have a project that needs completing.

Contact Byers Bush, a professional company in sandblasting metal equipment, and get your equipment sandblasted before powder coat it to achieves the best possible protection for your equipment.

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