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Why Sandblasting is needed before Powder Coating

Posted on: August 24th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Powder coating is a delicate process that is only really effective when all the elements come together perfectly. The surface of the material being coated has to be pre-treated perfectly for the coating to go on fully. That means a lot of work has to go into getting that surface ready. Usually the surface is sand-blasted to ready it for powder coating, and that’s one of the most effective ways to get it ready.

Powder coating Needs to Be Uniform

A powder coat layer has to go on evenly in order to fully protect the equipment that it’s coating. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that all the equipment is treated properly. When a coating is applied evenly it creates a full protective layer that does not let in any moisture or other contaminants.

As soon as a crack appears in that surface those contaminants can start getting in and doing damage to the surface underneath. Cracking all the way through isn’t common for a powder coat, because it’s much thicker than paint is most of the time, but it can occur if the coating isn’t applied properly.

Enhance the Coat Adhesion with Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is an effective treatment before applying a powder coat because it helps clear away any grease and oil while also cleaning off less durable coatings such as paint. The sand roughs up the surface and makes it a bit rougher overall. This rough surface is easier for the coating to adhere to.

By sand blasting you clean up the material quickly and get the material ready to be coated uniformly. A good thorough blasting ensures that the material is going to stick all over the surface and that no small spots are missed at all.

It’s More Efficient than Sanding

Sanding a surface achieves the same result as hitting it with a sand blaster; it’s just harder to get every bit of the surface when using a sander. Sure it works okay when you have a flat surface to clean off, but as soon as you get something with curves or angles, you have to work much harder to get every little bit of it cleaned off. That’s why sand blasting is so much more convenient.

The abrasive material is shot over the surface and it can distribute itself evenly over all the material. These very fine particles will get into every little bit of the equipment and clean it all off effectively. Not to mention that sand blasting is faster too. It’s the most affordable way to pretreated equipment for powder coating, and that’s why reliable companies, such as Byers Bush rely on the treatment to get things ready.

Find a Company that Offers Both

It can be a major hassle to hire a company to sandblast your equipment and then find another business to handle the powder coating application. Many companies will be able to refer you to a sandblasting specialist, but why add in the extra step? It makes a lot more sense to just find a company that knows how to handle both jobs, and hire them instead. When you find a good solid sandblasting company that also does powder coating; you can simply drop off your equipment and wait for it to be finished.

If you don’t want to look for a company that specializes in both sand blasting and powder coating, then it makes a lot of sense to pay to have the procedure performed before you bring your object in to be coated. It will help improve the final results, and ensure that the coating adheres to your equipment more effectively over time. It’s a good investment and it is well worth doing if you want the best level of protection that you can get.

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