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Resurrecting Rusted Trailer with Powder Coating

Posted on: July 17th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Each of us has that one restoration project that we eventually want to get on with. For some it can be resurrecting a rusted trailer. Whenever you deal with rusted metal you can be sure that it would be a tedious process that would involve welding, sandblasting and powder coating. How do you do it?


This is one of the most effective ways of clearing rust off the surface of metals. Sandblasting describes a process where extremely fine bits of play sand are ejected through a nozzle at a high velocity with the intention of cleaning the surface.

There are 3 things needed to do the sandblasting process. You would need the abrasive (play sand or other similar materials), air compressor, and the blaster nozzle. The high speed abrasive material launched at the surface of the metal knocks loose all its imperfections. It can then be washed off to retain an unbelievably smooth surface ready to accept a new coating.

Before you can proceed to the powder coating process, you need to prime the newly cleaned trailer surface. Why? Introducing a primer spray will help to prevent rust and corrosion from forming. It is important to always have the right tools to make the sandblasting process easier.

The compressed air needs to be able to hold enough amounts of compression to deliver intense blasting for a sustained period. The compressor should be able to reload in a fairly quick time as well so that you can get back to clearing the other areas with significantly acceptable waiting time. The longer it takes for the compressor to build air back up, the longer it will take you to finish sandblasting.

The diameter of the dictates the amount of area that you can sandblast at a particular time. Considering an average size of about 35,000 square inches of trailer, it would take you more than 20 man hours of sandblasting if your nozzle only allows you to cover about 8 square inches in 5 minutes for example.

Gaining Efficiency

There is no question that sandblasting is extremely effective. However, to be efficient in this process you would need to get the right tools. Like just any other job, when you have the right tools on hand, you do the job not only better, but faster as well.

Why is it necessary to efficiently sandblast a rusted trailer? Remember that sandblasting represents the cleaning process. If it is not done efficiently, some rust and corrosion may remain on the metal. This will result in a bumpy powder coating finish. The remaining rust, when covered with primer will also continue to destroy the metal from within.

Keep in mind that sandblasting is not only recommended for efficiently cleaning steel, it can also be applied on copper, brass, iron, aluminum, and even glass. Fabricated parts, castings, and pipes can be cleaned both inside and out. If you want to get the best results from sandblasting, it is best to leave it to the experts.

Coating Protection

What is the relationship between sandblasting and powder coating rusted trailer? Now that you have cleaned up the surface, you can begin to apply protection against corrosion. It is important to note that new trailers come with corrosion protection so there is no need to worry with new ones.

Once the original coating begins to peel or wear off, this is a sign that you should start considering powder coating to provide the trailer with an early protection against corrosion damage. Catching rust just as it begins to show helps to stop degrading the metal.

If you are restoring an already rusted trailer, the combination of sandblasting and powder coating will resurrect its appearance giving it an almost new look. Quality powder coating is essential to ensure that your newly resurrected trailer will be able to stand up to the varying weather conditions. If you live near the ocean, powder coating can provide adequate protection against the salt water.

Will the coating wear out? Over time it will, gradually. But that can be a very long time depending on how you maintain the new powder coating of your once rusted trailer.

To get the best results in giving your precious tools a shield against corrosion, make sure that you call on Byers Bush Powder Coating immediately!

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