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Restoring Rusty Metal Furniture with Sandblasting Cleaning

Posted on: September 28th, 2016 by byersbushblog

There is nothing more difficult than trying to bring old corroded metal furniture back to life. It’s rough, it has small bit flaking off, it’s often greasy and it definitely doesn’t look attractive.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to complete a project for home, or you are restoring items for your business, the process is going to be time consuming and difficult and in many instances you will be left with subpar results as well.

That is why you need to hire a company to sandblast the items and get them properly cleaned.

Why Sandblasting?

There is nothing quite like sandblasting to get metal cleaned up and into a like-new condition. The abrasive particles remove every little bit of rust, grease and other compounds stuck to the surface of the metal. The end-result is a shiny smooth surface that you can easily treat to keep corrosion at bay for many years to come.

There are even different blasting media options to remove more or less rust and other deformities to help achieve a fast cleanup process. Not only will the metal get cleaner than it would with any other method, but it will cleanup quickly and easily, making the whole process relatively affordable for you to pay for.

Why Hire Pros?

It’s possible to get a sandblasting setup that will do a good job of cleaning up your metallic objects right at home, and it won’t cost you a fortune to do it either. Unfortunately this type of amateur setup is going to put your health at risk.

There’s just no way to protect yourself against the sand debris getting into the air that you breathe while doing the work. Proper companies rely on advanced ventilation equipment and protective cabinets to minimize these particles; standard painting filtration masks just aren’t good enough to keep you from breathing in this harmful debris, which can cause problems over time. For safety purposes it’s vital that you hire professional to handle sandblasting for you.

Protect Those Items

It’s vitally important that you protectively coat the metal after you have it sanded down to the bare surface once again. If you don’t have it protected right away it will suffer from almost immediate oxidation.

That is because bare metal oxidizes just by being in contact with the air around you. It must be protected with something to help preserve it over time. That’s why it’s so helpful to hire a company that offers protection like painting or powder coating, as well as a sand blasting service.

Look for a Combined Solution

To save yourself time and effort and probably money as well, it makes sense to look for a company that will sandblast your items and then protectively coat them as well. Some companies offer combination sandblasting and painting services, but in many instances you are better off going with sandblasting and powder coating services instead. These will help preserve your items more effectively over the long-term, which is exactly what you want when you are trying to keep restored items looking like new once again.

If you want the very best looking finished product, you will spend the money to have them sandblasted clean and smooth. This gives you the best overall protective finish in the end, and will leave you with pieces that you are thrilled with. Sure it costs more to pay experts to do the work for you, though it will save you time.

You are not only paying for the convenience of the work getting done without your input, but you are also paying to get those professional results that are going to keep your pieces in better shape over time, which is worth the expense all on its own. So pay experts to clean up and protectively coat that furniture, and you will be using it for much longer than you ever thought possible.

When your metal furniture got rust attack, do not immediately throw it away! Contact Byers Bush instead, a professional company in sandblasting and giving metal equipment a protective powder coat shield against rust attack.

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