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Restoring Pool Chairs from Harsh Condition

Posted on: December 1st, 2016 by byersbushblog

Eventually, pool chairs will become faded, sunburned, and dried out because of exposure to the elements.  Replacing them with a new set will always be an option, but, it can be quite an expensive solution.  It can also be a wasteful solution especially if your pool chairs are not yet worn down or full of rust.

Can you imagine throwing out your pool chairs just because of chipped paint, broken straps, and a few rusty parts?  Is there a better and cost-effective solution?  Yes there is!  Read on.


This is a process that can give your aging pool chairs a completely new look.  The great news is that it does not necessarily have to look the way it was before.  Yes, you can change the look of your pool chairs to make it appear as though you bought a new set; for a fraction of the price.

What does this process involve?  There are a few steps that have to be done to get your pool chairs looking like new again, and these are:

  1. Removing the old paint – this process removes the old paint coating your pool chairs to expose the actual status underneath. This also gives the chance to clean up and prepare the pool chairs for restoration.  You cannot properly restore the furniture to look like new if you do not get rid of the old paint coating.
  1. Sandblasting – this is the best way to remove any existing finish on the pool chairs to make sure that the metal does not get damaged. Usually, an aluminum oxide sand is used for the sandblasting process to get rid of corrosion.  This process is necessary to prepare the frame of the pool chairs for powder coating by completely removing the remaining old paint, corrosion, rust, and other similar contaminants.  The pool chairs can also be treated with an additional coating that can help prevent future rusts from occurring.
  1. Phosphate wash – sometimes called as phosphating, this process makes use of acid to attack the metal and redeposit a metal substrate material together with the phosphate. The result is that the pool chairs have a surface that becomes adherent to its base metal.  Why is this important?  It allows for improved corrosion resistance and allows the powder coating to stick better to the pool chairs.  This ensures that it gets a great coating base to extend the useable life of the pool chairs.  This pre-treatment process is essential but commonly overlooked especially by services that lack experience and training.
  1. Powder coating –this process makes use of a combination of additives and resins, which are melted, mixed, cooled, and then grinded to powder until a talcum-like consistency is reached. Using electrostatic techniques, the combination is applied to the pool chairs, which are then baked in an oven until a full cure is achieved.  The result is a strong finish that even a hammer cannot crack!  Best of all, the finish is shiny, sparkly, and of high quality that can last for years.
  1. Re-strapping – this is the last step to ensuring that your pool chairs look brand new. The original size and style can be followed or if you prefer, a newer look can be used for the straps.  Professionals can do this work flawlessly without leaving a hint that your pool chairs have been restored.  With the right restorer, you can have a wide range of options in terms of colors, design, and styles.

Upon completing the process of restoring your pool chairs, they should look as good as (or even better) than new.  With the right choice of service provider like Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc., you can preserve the look of your restored pool chairs for the next 10 years.

Contact Byers Bush to get a professional powder coating company in Mississauga to help you restore and make your pool chairs look new again rather than replacing it.

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