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Restoring Faded Powder Coating on Your Tools

Posted on: December 26th, 2016 by byersbushblog

No matter how good the powder coating done to your window frames, extrusions, and furniture, time will come when it becomes faded.  This presents an unsightly presence that can lower the value of your property.  Despite the best of care and maintenance, you simply cannot prevent the inevitable.  So how can you restore faded powder coating and bring back its old glamor?

Reasons for Fading

With all the advances in technology, why does powder coating still fade?  Basically, the deterioration of powder coating can happen in varying speeds depending on the prevailing conditions.  If left untreated or unattended immediately, you can be sure that things can get worse fast.

Before knowing how to restore faded powder coating, it is equally important to understand what contributes to its deterioration.  That way, you know what your options are and how to exercise better care.

For aluminum window frames and extrusions, the most common reason for fading is the exposure to the sun that results in oxidation.  You can see some ugly pit formations that can be attributed to salt corrosion if your property is near the ocean.   Despite the protective finish of aluminum, pitting can still ruin it or can be stained by mortar or stucco.

So, exactly, why does powder coating fade?  Here are some possible reasons why:

  • Just like many manufacturing solutions, powder coating comes with a projected life expectancy. You can extend this with proper care and maintenance, but, the time will come when you have to redo things over.
  • Environmental factors can be one of the most common reasons, not only if you live near the ocean, but also in city centers where there is a high pollution index.
  • If the climate in your area is similar to the UK, then weathering can happen.
  • Improper cleaning methods that harms the powder coating rather than maintain it.
  • The longer it is exposed to the sun, the faster the powder coating will fade.
  • Some powder coating colors will fade faster compared to others.
  • Bird droppings can also negatively impact the coating.
  • Chalking, which results from UV light exposure will affect the binder and ruin the coat.

Prevention Methods

For powder coating, prevention methods are not really intended to prevent fading, but more so to extend the life of the coat so that you do not have to shoulder unnecessary expenses.  The great thing about this is that the prevention methods are quite easy to follow.

Let’s take a look how we can prevent powder coating from fading.

  • Regular cleaning, caring, and maintaining. This should be done more frequently if you are in a high build area, in a city center, or near the coastline.
  • Rely on proper cleaning methods and avoid using high pressure washers or harsh solvents.
  • Keep a record of cleaning and maintenance work to easily identify where the fading began.

Restoration of Faded Aluminum

Let’s face it, faded powder coating on aluminum does not look very good.  In fact, you may even think of throwing it away if it is a piece of furniture.  But you do not have to put up with that ugly look.  Here are some suggested steps on how to restore faded powder coating.

  1. Survey the area to compare the varying elevations and get an idea of the extent of the coating failure.
  2. Clean the area with the right cleaner and degreaser to remove any contaminants.
  3. Place protective masking on the unaffected areas.
  4. Lightly scrape the area and clean again to remove remaining dust and debris.
  5. Apply two-part acrylic powder coat and follow it up with multiple coats if necessary.
  6. Finish by carefully removing the protective masking and cleaning down the entire surface.

To make sure that you do not have to worry about powder coating fading too soon, entrust the work to experienced experts.

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