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How to Refinish Patio Furniture with Powder Coating

Posted on: August 31st, 2017 by byersbushblog

Do you have a patio furniture that has been powder coated? And you thought it would never fade because you were told that powder coating patio furniture would virtually last forever right? Despite being durable, the coating finish will still fade eventually, but comparatively longer than any paint finish can.

The fading is especially true considering that patio furniture is generally subjected to the harsh outdoor environment and without proper care, it will fade no matter how good the finish is. What do you do?

your option

When you want to refinish outdoor patio furniture, it is important to understand that you can go about it in two ways. The first is that you strip the powder coating and start all over. The second option is to apply paint over the faded powder coating. How do you know what option to take?

Look at the original powder coated finish. When properly done, the original coating will be difficult to remove. In general, a coat of powder is approximately equal to 3 or 4 coats of paint. If powder coated by a reputable service provider Byers Bush Powder Coating, then it is possible that there will be 2 or 3 coats of powder.

What is the state of the current powder coat? Is it faded or are there signs of chipping, peeling, or scratches? When the coating has not been completely penetrated and there are no rust spots visible, you can use the option of painting over the coating.

Before you can do this though, you would need to sand the whole surface of the furniture because paint will never stick to the powder if the coat is not scuffed.

Otherwise, if the current coating is damaged, then the better choice is to reapply powder coating to the patio furniture. This will give you a better and longer lasting finish.

Refinish Patio with Powder Coating

refinishing patio furniture powder coat

Before powder coating patio furniture, you will need to strip the powder. You can attempt to use power washing to get rid of the dirt including any loose powder. If you want faster results, you can get a commercial chemical stripper. This allows you to remove even 8 or 9 coats of paint as long as you use it as directed.

Get a disposable brush to apply the chemical stripper and let it sit for a considerable time. Scrape away the residue after. If necessary, repeat the process until the finish is completely stripped off. The patio furniture can then be sandblasted to prepare if for powder coating. When sandblasting, it is possible to see the powder coat turning gummy; you will need to scrape this off as well. Sandblasting is better left to the experts.

Sandblasting can also get rid of any rust present on the metal. If you take the patio furniture to a professional service, it will be acid washed and hang to dry. This gets rid of any unwanted materials on the surface that can affect the quality of the powder coat finish.

The metal will then be electrostatically charged so that when the powder is sprayed on it, there will be proper bonding. After the surface has been thoroughly covered with the powder coating material, it will baked in an oven using the necessary temperature settings. This is done to melt the powder into a film-like coat that will stick to the surface of the metal like a tight skin.

By baking the powder under the proper temperature, you can be assured that it will form a smooth and durable surface that can remain chip-free with the proper care and maintenance.

You will also have a wide choice of colors to choose from when it comes to powder coating. In fact, you may even customize the color if you wish.

To make sure that powder coating patio furniture is done properly, contact Byers Bush Powder Coating today.

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