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Reduce Maintenance Cost by Powder Coating Your Key Hardware

Posted on: August 22nd, 2015 by byersbushblog

While many business owners and equipment operators realize the benefit of powder coating some of their equipment such as their tools, and structural components such as fencing that will be exposed to the elements, few experts ever consider the benefits of protecting hardware as well.

If you think about the maintenance tasks that you performed recently, or the tasks that maintenance men had to do at the company, most of them worked with hardware while performing those tasks. If the hardware becomes corroded the equipment is more difficult to work with and often requires additional time and effort to work with. That’s why it makes sense to take action to protect that hardware.

Some equipment manufacturers do that with paint or other sealants, but very few rely on powder coating to do the job. It’s the best way to enhance common hardware, and even if it’s just on the ends of the hardware, adding a layer of powder coating can really help extend the life of a product and make it easier to maintain.

Get it Powder Coated

Most hardware can be safely powder coated today and doing so will make it more resistant to corrosion. Powder coating bolts and other fasteners will make it stand up to hard use and the elements over time. It also makes it easier to grip when tightening and loosening. The best part of all this is that hardware is very affordable to have coated.

What Hardware to Coat?

Make sure that you protect any hardware that’s going in the expensive equipment at your company. Much of this hardware will have to be worked with when the machinery is maintained and if it isn’t corroded the job will be much easier to do.

Getting rid of corrosion and cutting out damaged hardware can cause damage to expensive equipment if it isn’t done properly. That means that if you aren’t careful some of that expensive equipment might need expensive repairs that drive up the operating costs substantially.

When to Avoid Powder coating

There is hardware that you shouldn’t even bother powder coating. In equipment where the hardware is changed out frequently, or in more affordable pieces of equipment that don’t have a life expectancy of more than a few years it usually doesn’t make sense to pay to have the hardware powder coated. The equipment that needs to be protected is the pieces that are going to last for years and years and that will have to be maintained eventually. This is the stuff that has to be protected against the elements.

Get it All Coated at Once

Before you go out to a local powder coating specialist, get all the hardware that you want coated together, and make sure that you label it so that you know where it is going. Keep the different parts in labeled containers and make sure that the facility puts it all back in the same boxes that they took it out of. Send in a large amount of hardware at the same time to get the lowest price possible for it all. This will save a significant amount of money over paying for each piece individually.

If you take the time and spend the money to have the hardware of your most important equipment powder coated, you’ll be rewarded by shorter maintenance times and lower costs to keep your equipment running. Not only that, but less damaging procedures will have to be undertaken, and that generally means that the equipment is going to stay in better shape as time goes by.

It’s a small investment to make to cut down on maintenance time, lower labor costs and extend the lifespan of quality equipment. Take your hardware in and have it coated, you’ll enjoy the benefits from the minor effort.

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