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Rebuild Durability for Your Car Parts with Powder Coat

Posted on: June 3rd, 2016 by byersbushblog

For most people powder coating isn’t a viable option for car parts on an aging vehicle, other than touching up the rims and other aesthetic enhancements. It’s just too much trouble to pull parts off the vehicle, to protectively coat them and then put them back on once again.

That isn’t the case for car restoration enthusiasts though. If you have a classic vehicle that you’re restoring, do yourself a favor and powder coat those parts before you put them onto the vehicle. Especially parts like body panels, chassis, frame, and suspension components.

These are sections of the vehicle that will wear out the fastest, and pieces that you can ensure will last much longer by having them protectively coated.

Rely on Used or New Equipment

When you are planning to have your parts powder coated you can restore your vehicle with new or used parts just the same. Since the parts will have to be stripped down and then completely coated anyway, you can often find used parts to have refinished instead of spending top dollar for reproduction parts or brand new pieces. The savings from relying on used parts might be enough to pay for your coating all on their own.

Seek out Expert Help

Before you entrust the valuable parts of your new vehicle to a company, it is important to ensure that you are working with a reliable source. They should be skilled at powder coating larger parts and creating a reliable finish that will hold up over time.

It is important to work with reputable companies that know how to do the job properly. Take your time and seek out companies with reviews showing they know how to do quality work. If you aren’t sure about a company it is wise to put in a smaller order to test out the quality before paying for a full-sized order as well.

Consider the options available in your area and go with the one that offers the best combination of experience, reviews and service choices.

Choose any Color

Just like with paint, you can pick and choose the exact color that you want with a powder coat finish. That means, you would have no trouble picking out a color to match your vehicle’s paint job or to have another look of your choosing.

At some facilities you will find several dozen options to pick from as far as colors are concerned. No matter what you want your vehicle to look like, it should be easy to get just the right color for it.

Get the Coating

Once you have picked out a color and you know what company you’re going with you can let them coat all your parts for you. The process will take several days and will start with a thorough cleaning that likely includes sandblasting to remove any dirt, grime and rust from the parts.

After this process each of the parts will be carefully coated to ensure that every bit of it is covered to protect against the weather. Once the process is complete a thick layer of coating will cover each of the parts that will hold up against most problems that you’ll encounter out on the road.

Enjoy the Work

With the coating finished you can put the new parts on your vehicle with confidence. You will know that they are going to last longer and that you can count on them holding up better than they otherwise would have.

Sure you will spend a bit more money getting this protection put in place in most circumstances, but the money will help preserve your investment and keep your build looking good for years longer than it otherwise would have.

For a collector or an enthusiast that’s got to be good news. It’s just important that you take the time to pick out a good quality company to work with. Not only will the company do quality work and ensure that your vehicle lasts longer, but it’s likely that you will have more color options and a faster turnaround time than you would have with most lower quality companies offering powder coating services.

Contact Byers Bush, a big and reliable company in providing high quality powder coating for metal equipments, to enhance its durability and life span.

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