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Reasons to Powder Coating Saw Machine Blades

Posted on: July 15th, 2017 by byersbushblog

In case you don’t know, powder coating is one of the most durable finishing processes today. In fact, it is more durable than paint and delivers better coverage. The transfer efficiency of powder coating can be as much as 80% and it is comparatively easy to clean up after the procedure. There are also just a couple of things needed to do the basic powder coating process. Why is powder coating saw machine blade suggested?

The Saw Machine

These types of machineries commonly come with either a long or circular sharp blade that has a continuous band of toothed metal that extends between two or more wheels to allow it to cut through various types of materials. The saw machine can commonly be found when working with metalwork, woodwork, and lumbering among others.


Most of the time the machine can be operated with the help of a foot switch. The foot pedal will automatically cause the machine to clamp on the material to initiate the convenient cutting operation. The concealed sawblade can also cut in an upward direction. Some saw machines are capable of working simultaneously on multiple workpieces.


Oil mist is used for automatic cooling and lubrication during cutting. Stable cutting speed is achieved with the help of an air and hydraulic cutting feed combination cylinder. Most saw machine cabinets are powder coated at 200 degrees to help resist bumping as well as paint peeling.


With a cutting angle of 45 and 90 degrees, a convenient door can be used to replace the sawblade. Opening the side of the door allows for easy removal and replacement of the door. There is also a chip outlet port that allows for the elimination of chips deposited in the machine during cutting to make it easier to clean.


The Powder Coating Process

What is the powder coating process? It is widely considered as an attractive, durable, and cost-effective painting option. Yes, it is a type of paint that comes in powder form and does not contain solvents or chemical fillers. There are also no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with powder coating unlike wet paint coating.


The process itself begins by completely cleaning the surface to ensure that all contaminants like oils, dust, and corrosion is removed from the surface. Old coating will also have to be removed. Once the cleaning stage has been completed, the material moves into an enclosed and ventilated spray booth area.


This is where the material gets dosed with slight negative electrical charge so that it binds with the powder that is applied using a specialized nozzle. The nozzle creates a positive charge on the paint particles allowing it to be attracted to the negatively charged surface. This will result in a smooth and even coating of paint.


The workpiece will then be moved into the curing oven. The powder will usually be cured at 200 degrees for a time of 10 minutes. There is no clear cut rule on the curing schedule as it depends largely on the specifications of the manufacturer. Now that you have an idea of the process, let’s take a look why powder coating saw machine blade should be considered.


The Advantages

Like many metal parts, the sawblade can benefit from the powder coating process. For the average fellow, powder coating is not only simple, but it can make sawblades look better and protects it to make it last longer by preventing its immediate dulling.


There are literally thousands of products treated with powder coating. This can be as small as a sawblade and as big as a bulldozer. Many household items are also protected by powder coating without you realizing it. If the toughest and roughest machineries can benefit from this finishing, what more for a sawblade?


The high quality finish of the powder coating process is further emphasized by the fact that it has very little impact on the environment. Aside from negligible levels of VOCs, it also is almost pollution-free and lasts longer than any wet paint coating.  The unused or over sprayed coat can be recycled and reused, which means you save a lot of money due to minimal waste.


Make sure that you contact Byers Bush Powder Coating if you are going to choose powder coating for your metal equipment. We are a professional at delivering advantages of powder coating against rust.


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