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Reasons to Powder Coat your Hand Tools

Posted on: August 20th, 2015 by byersbushblog

Whether you’re an automotive mechanic or a contractor, you probably know just how expensive hand tools can be. The last thing you want to happen to your investment is for them to suffer from corrosion and slowly begin to deteriorate. That’s why many mechanics rely on grease, or some other type of protective coating to keep the tools in good working order.

While grease works alright, it also makes the tools less enjoyable to work with, and it requires a great deal of maintenance to keep up an effective protective coating. A much more reliable solution is to have the tools powder-coated.

It’s Worth the Money

When working with very expensive hand tools that can cost hundreds of dollars between just a few pieces, it makes a lot of sense to pay to have them powder coated. Getting the equipment powder coated will add years of performance to the tools.

Coating small tools is actually relatively affordable, and when you consider the amount of money that the coating will save over time, it’s pretty easy to see why it makes sense to pay for the treatment in the first place.

Increase Organization

When getting tools and equipment coated, you’ll have different color options to choose from. This is one of the major benefits that many professionals don’t even think about when it comes to custom powder coating equipment.

Take wrenches for instance. There are two major types of wrenches used on most equipment in North America today. SAE and Metric. Both of these options have to be relied upon on a regular basis, and it can be annoying trying to choose between the two sets. When dealing with a powder-coating provider, it’s simple to have the equipment coated in two different colors depending on the type that it is.

Imagine having green SAE tools and red Metric devices around your shop. You would never mistake one for the other again and would be able to pick out the equipment needed in less time, while having an easier time keeping it all sorted.

Get Them All Coated At Once

It might seem like a good idea to have only a few tools coated at a time, because you won’t have to have as much money up front, but this is actually going to hurt your investment. It makes a lot more sense to pay to have all the hand tools coated at once, or at the very least to have a big set of tools coated at one time.

Most powder coating specialists are going to charge a fee per piece, but they will also charge a setup fee to do the work. When you have many pieces of equipment to have coated, it’s going to be substantially cheaper to get a bunch of them coated at once, than it would be to have each one coated individually as you go. That’s why it makes sense to save up and pays to have a whole set coated when you’re ready.

For some people who don’t value tools highly, or for those who rely on cheap equipment it probably doesn’t make much sense to pay to have it powder coated, but for the shop owners that rely on the best tools, it’s an investment worth making.

I urge you to contact a local coating specialist like Byers Bush, and ask how much they would charge to do the job for you. You might be surprised at how affordable the service is for what you’re getting, and even if the price seems a bit high, just keep in mind how much longer you’ll be able to use your equipment once it’s treated.

Contact Byers Bush to get your hand tool powder coated and gets many advantages in powder coating your hand tools.

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