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Protecting Your Valuable Bicycle with Powder Coating

Posted on: November 29th, 2016 by byersbushblog

There are different reasons why people ride bicycles and there are an equal number of reasons why bicycle frames can get damaged.  This is especially true if you use your bicycle more than just for recreational purposes.  What can you do to protect your bicycle against these multiple threats?

The Threats

Just like anything else, bicycles are not intended to last forever.  Eventually, it would have to give in, but, this does not mean that you should accept a shortened service life.  There are several threats that you should consider that can contribute to the breakdown of your bicycle like pollution, rays of the sun, constant use, and negative environmental factors among others.

All of these will result in a faded or chipped finish that can ruin the overall look of your bicycle over time.  Will covering up your bicycle or putting it in the shade while not in use protect it from the harmful effects of intense sunlight?  Is there a way to prevent paint peeling, deterioration or dulling of the finish, of scratches?  Aside from wrapping up your bicycle and never using it again, there is another solution to consider.

Powder Coating Protection

Currently there are 3 ways to get a bicycle frame finish, brush, spray, or powder coat.  Why choose powder coat over the 2 options?

During the past decades, powder coating has proven to be the best option in getting the best finish possible on metals like bicycle frames.  The process makes use of electrostatic charge to attract powder particles to the surface of the bicycle frame.  How does the process go after all the preparation work is completed?

  • A flour-like powder is sprayed on the surface of the bicycle frame to be coated.
  • The bicycle frame is then subjected to oven-baking to melt the powder to create a smooth coating. Normally the oven will run with temperature around 250 degrees.  The oven used should be large enough to house the bicycle frame.  A tandem bicycle frame would require a bigger powder coating oven.
  • The result is a strong, durable, smooth, and glittery coating for your bicycle frame.

Why is it necessary to bring your bicycle frame to an excellent powder coating provider?  First off, achieving such a beautiful, high quality finish becomes easier.  Second, only experienced powder coaters will know how to deal with issues of grease and block oil liquefying and running out of the frame during baking.  When done wrong, these materials can ruin the finish of your bicycle frame.

You have to be aware that powder coating can either be thermoplastic or thermosetting.  This means that it can melt when reheated or harden after permanent baking, respectively.  Thermoplastic powder coating would be used if you want to simply touch up the look of your bicycle, allowing seamless blending with the surrounding areas.

Recoloring can be done either by light sanding followed by solvent-based spray painting, or using additional powder coat.  The latter requires the original coat to be completely removed before a new powder coat is applied.

Advantages for Bicycles

Are there any advantages to protecting bicycle with powder coating?  Actually there is.  The surface that is protected with powder coating becomes more resistant to impact and scratches, somewhat a benefit if you subject your bicycle to extreme conditions.

Powder coating is also resistant to many chemicals, which means it is an added layer of protection for your bicycle.  If you have a tight budget, you will be glad to know that this process is comparatively lower even if you want to recycle colors.  Compared to paint, powder coating does not pose threats to the environment.

Since special equipment is required to properly do powder coating, you would need a professional provider to carry it out.  Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc. makes use of professional coating techniques and boasts of excellent turnaround times so that you can get your bicycle back in virtually no time at all.

Contact Byers Bush today to start protecting your valuable bicycle with powder coating and ride your bicycle wherever you want with no worries about extreme condition that cause corrosion.

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