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Protecting Your Valuable ATV with Powder Coat

Posted on: June 1st, 2016 by byersbushblog

ATVs are typically used out in fields, forests and other outdoor settings where they are continually exposed to dirt, mud and sand. This will wear through the most durable of finishes in no time at all, and will eventually lead issues with rusting that cause the machines to wear out and need replacing.

This is an issue that you can’t avoid entirely, but that doesn’t mean that you just have to allow your equipment to wear away. Instead you can spend a bit of money and protect that equipment through rugged powder coating procedures, and customize your ride a bit in the process.

Wait until the Finish Wears

If you just purchased an ATV, I’m not telling you that you should run out and have it powder coated and I actually believe that that would be a waste of money. That is because the frame and all the other important metallic parts likely have a protective coating on them already.

In order to have a powder coat applied to the surface you would have to have the original protective coating stripped away and a bit of the bare metal underneath in the process. You are better off enjoying your new piece of equipment until it begins to wear out noticeably and starts rusting as bit as well.

When you reach this point you can safely pay to have the procedure performed to improve the product and consider it a good use of your resources. You will be improving the look and durability of your machine at that point.

Decide what to Coat

Above all else you will want to have thick frame sections protectively coated. These are the parts that will begin to look poorly first and wear out faster. The upper panels will remain in better conditions than the lower sections in most instances and you should always focus on the most damaged and worn bits of metal first.

Consider the springs, shocks and other chassis and suspension sections of your vehicle first. They are the most important, the thickest and usually the most worn out as well. Many of these can be safely recoated and will greatly improve the lifespan of your equipment.

Choose a Color

Now that it is time to add the coating to your ATV you should start thinking about the color that you want to apply to your equipment. Most people prefer a color that matches the existing finish of the body and other sections you won’t have coated.

Consider which color will look the best on your ATV and pick it out for the final process. You can even ask for multiple colors between the different pieces that you want coated, but that might add a bit of money to the price so be aware for that.

Enjoy the Enhanced Protection

During the recoating process the company will thoroughly strip down the parts to bare metal using sandblasting and then cover them with a thick protective powder coating in your chosen color. The coating is designed to hold up against sand, rocks, moisture and other damaging elements that would wear out your equipment otherwise.

Enjoy the new look of the coating and the extended lifespan that you get from it as well. The price to have this type of work done is quite affordable compared to how much value it adds to your equipment and how much longer it will continue to perform like it should after you have the coating applied. Just make sure that you deal with a reputable company and that all the work that is performed is done carefully and completely.

Only a high quality finish is going to look good and protect your ATV reliably. Skimping on your coating professional won’t save you much and will shave years off the protection that you get in the end.

Contact Byers Bush, a reliable coating company to get your ATV protected with high performance powder coating and enhances its life span in harsh condition.

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