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Protect Your Tools by Choosing Powder Coat over Paint

Posted on: July 13th, 2017 by byersbushblog

How much do you love your tools? I mean, if you work with them all the time, then surely you would want to make sure that these are protected from damage. There are two common ways that you can protect your precious tools; powder coating and painting. Now what would work best for you is not only a matter of preference. Obviously, both have their own unique strengths that you must consider. So if you are wondering which way to go, this is a good time to know more.

Paint Coating

The wet paint material is normally sprayed on a surface using air-powered sprayers or guns. Many would attest to the efficiency and effectiveness of this process. Paints come in different forms like solvents, thinners, and oil-based.

Due to environmental concerns, many prefer to use water-based paints in an attempt to reduce volatile organic compounds released in the air. These toxic compounds are released during the spraying process. You can also get textured finishes with wet paint, but this has to be applied in 2 separate coatings.

Powder Coating

The powder coating process on the other hand relies on the use of a dry film-like placed over a surface and baked to cure the film so that it results in a sturdy coating. This is a relatively easy process to do as long as some requirements are observed.

A spray gun needs to be used to ensure that the powder becomes electronically charged. The material to be coated should also be grounded to ensure that the powder sticks properly to the surface. When this is achieved, proper bonding and even coating can be observed in a short time.

To help the charging, the surface of the material has to be cured in temperatures of 300 to 350 degrees for 15 to 30 minutes. Consistency is easy to achieve because it is designed in the powder together with the surface texture, color, and gloss of the coating. Powder coating is ideally used for furniture, cabinets, lawn equipment, and tools.

How durable is powder coating for your tools? Extremely durable provided that the process is properly applied.

Professional Powder Coating

When you avail of professional powder coating services, you will see that there are two common configurations used for the line; batch or automated. What is the difference between the two?

In a batch powder coating line, the parts are prepared, coated, and cured systematically by batches. Multiple parts are handled by operators with the products normally hanging from metal rolling racks. These racks move with the parts during the powder coating process.

In a batch line configuration the parts will manually go from one stage to another. Batch coating systems is usually associated with operations involving large objects that are individually powder coated. These objects are moved using the hands or machinery.

For the automated powder coating line, the same principle used in batch coating systems apply. The big difference is that the stages are connected using a motorized conveyor belt. The conveyor is responsible for moving the parts at a constant rate through the powder coating process.

Multiple objects can be loaded on the conveyor, which can be manually or automatically operated. After the parts have been coated, it is all moved to the curing oven and allowed to cool while on the conveyor. After which the parts can be unloaded.

How durable is powder coating for your tools, furniture, cabinets, and lawn equipment? The tough finish delivered by powder coating is undeniably stronger than any wet paint coating. It also looks better and has comparatively smooth consistency regardless of the experience of the operator.

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