The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

Protect Public Facilities with a Layer of Durable Powder Coating

Posted on: December 31st, 2014 by byersbushblog

It’s hard and often costly to keep public facilities in good shape over the years, especially when they are outdoors. Whether it’s the railing on a boardwalk, playground equipment on the local park or the handles around the outside of a public restroom each begins to corrode and fail in less than a decade. If corrosion is allowed to set in, it can be costly to stop and even more expensive to replace the facilities that it destroys. It’s much better to proactively prevent it from occurring in the first place, and taking protective measures like putting on a powder coating will help keep the moisture and oxidation at bay.

Extend Park Life

Children’s parks can be a major draw for most communities. They are a source of entertainment and they help bring the community together. The best parks feature playground equipment for children to run and jump on. Many times this equipment costs the public thousands of dollars, but for all the money spent initially, little is spent to help preserve that equipment over the long-term. By spending a bit more after buying the equipment and having it powder coated it’s life is improved dramatically. Plascoat powder coating is ideal in this case because it provides a smooth surface that can easily be wiped clean if needed. It is impermeable to water, as well as markers, pens and paint. It will extend the life of the equipment dramatically while giving children a great place to play for years to come.

Keep Walkways in Good Shape

Walking paths and side street walkways provide a safe area for pedestrians to walk around without worrying about traffic. Unfortunately many of these paths have unsafe sections that run near embankments or across bodies of water, and that means you need a railing in place for safety. These railings are subject to corrosion and have to constantly be repainted and protected to keep them safe for regular contact and use. A thick powder coat treatment can make the railing more pleasant to touch, cut down on painting and repainting needs, and extend the lifespan of the metal as well.

Protect Street Lights

Adding street lights to busy roadways in town can make towns safer, but maintaining those lights is traditionally quite expensive and plenty of work as well. Most lamp posts have to be repainted a few times every decade and eventually will still need to be replaced as corrosion gets in through nicks and scrapes in the paint coating. Plascoat provides a nice thick layer of coverage that will keep out corrosion more effectively and for a longer period of time. A single coat has been shown to keep lamp posts looking good for significantly longer and could extend the life of the posts by up to 50 years. This means much less maintenance and probably less expenses for purchases as well.

Metal is used in a variety of ways by the public, and most of it is barely protected against corrosion. This means that thousands of dollars are being wasted each year replacing equipment that shouldn’t need replacing. Start spending a bit more money early on putting on a protective coating like Plascoat (also known as PPA 571) and save later. By spending more on protection initially you will be able to afford higher quality equipment over the long-term. Products will last longer and provide more reliable performance over that period. The experts at Byers Bush can help explain the benefits, the costs and the application process of this revolutionary coating a bit better. Contact us and learn how you can start protecting your equipment today.

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