The PPA 571 coating protect metal fencing from corrosion for 15 years

Protect Your Equipment Effectively Using Plascoat PPA 571 Powder Coating

Posted on: December 31st, 2014 by byersbushblog

When you rely on metal materials you always face the challenge of trying to prevent corrosion over time. Eventually corrosion breaks down metal and forces it to flake, chip, blister and fail. One of the best ways to keep this delicate material strong and ready for years of service is by applying a layer of durable powder coating to it. Plascoat PPA 571 is a highly reliable powder coat treatment that is slowly becoming one of the most relied-upon treatment in damp or extreme conditions. It’s designed to stand up to damp salty conditions, it can handle impacts without chipping or breaking, and it looks great while doing it.

Superior Corrosion Prevention

Plascoat PPA 571, like many other powder coat treatments is designed to prevent corrosion above all else. That means the most important factor when considering whether to use it should be how capably it keeps away corrosion. This durable coating has made a name for itself in the industry by being one of the most versatile and reliable. It’s used to coat water pipes that are buried underground, it’s relied upon for seaside fencing and for protecting important structures aboard ships. In many tests it’s been proven superior against coatings such as nylon, polyester, galvanized coatings or PVC at protecting metal structures.

It lasts out in direct sunlight, it can protect metal structures in damp conditions for decades safely and effectively. The coating has exceeded 20,000 hours of salt-spray testing with no blistering, corrosion or cracking at all. It’s been tested in automotive applications and has been proven as a solid way to protect parts from small stone impacts effectively.

High Resistance to Mold, Seaweed, Lichen and Barnacles

Many structures in damp conditions eventually become infested with some form of mold, barnacles, lichen or seaweed, but it is highly unlikely when you use PPA 571. There aren’t any reactive ingredients used in this type of protective coating, and that means that very literally fouling will occur over time. Eventually some fungus, mildew, and lichen growth could occur, but it will take longer than on most other coating types and is easier to treat as well.

Safe for Use around Potable Water

Many coating treatments should not be used around sources of potable water and that helps set PPA 571 apart because it’s completely safe for this use. The coating has been approved for contact with potable water in countries like the USA, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, France, Italy the UK and Australia. It’s used on pipes in both hot and frigid conditions and can be relied upon for safe protection.

Safer in Case of a Fire

The last thing you want to happen when a fire catches in a tunnel or building is for the railings to begin emitting a deadly chemical smoke as they burn. PPA 571 treatments are made mostly of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and don’t put off nearly as many harmful fumes or as much smoke as most paints and other protective coatings. For this reason Plascoat PPA 571 is often chosen as the treatment option for enclosed areas such as tunnels.

Smooth and Grip Enhancing

Plascoat PPA 571 coatings are smooth when applied, but have a rubbery feel. This makes them ideal for floors and railings because the coating actually enhances grip. Start by treating the railings and some of the walkways around facilities and take note of how much surer people are when using the equipment. They will maintain a more solid grip and can rely on their hold to keep themselves from slipping.

Easy to Clean

Whenever you have equipment that’s going to be used by a large number of people you have to worry about how difficult it is to keep clean. Whether it’s playground equipment, stadium seating, railings along a walking path or anything else you’ll end up wiping away graffiti and cleaning off messes regularly. Plascoat PPA 571 is impermeable to most liquids and paints and can be wiped clean in seconds. It’s incredibly easy to clean and takes the work out of maintenance.

Most metal protection needs can be met by Plascoat PPA 571. It’s becoming one of the most widely used compounds in the industry and helping a variety of structures last longer than ever before. Byers Bush is the leader in the industry for applying Plascoat protective coating, and can be relied upon to make sure it’s used properly each and every time.

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