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How to Properly Prepare an Item for Powder Coat Application

Posted on: August 15th, 2016 by byersbushblog

If you are worried about preserving the condition of any metal tools and equipment that you have you will likely want to protect them with a powder coating. Unfortunately preparing the item for a powder coating is nearly as difficult as applying the coating properly.

That is why if you plan to do it yourself you need to know all the steps so that you can follow along with them. If you skip one of the steps, or you don’t go through them properly you will end up with objects that aren’t properly protected, and you won’t enjoy the results that you are looking for at all.

Clean Away Debris

The very first step that you have to take is to wash away any debris that is on the material. Wipe the item down with a stiff brush as well as soap and water. Doing so should be good enough to remove grease, dirt and other debris and give you a clear look at the object.

Remove Paint and Rust

Now that you have a clear look at the object you can see what’s in the way and what you can’t simply wash off. If there is either paint or rust on the item you will have to scrape it off using different methods than a scrubber.

Many companies rely on sandblasting in order to effectively remove rust and paint. This procedure sprays paint, slag or other powder types at the surface of the material at high speeds. As the powder moves over the surface at high speeds it scrapes away the imperfections and leaves behind a clean surface that can have a protective coating applied to.

Choose the Coating Type

Many people think that having a powder coating applied is a simple as letting the company know that you want an object protected and then dropping it off. That’s not the case though. Instead you have to figure out the type of coating that you want, as well as the color of the coating.

You could have your item coated with nylon, epoxy and a bunch of other materials. It’s best to consult with the pros to find out which type of coating is going to perform the best in the conditions that you intend to use the items. Some coatings do well outdoors, while others are designed for indoor use only.

Once you know what type of material you want to use you can pick out the color that you think will look best and then wait for the coating to be applied.

Magnetically Charge the Item

With most coatings today the item to be coated is given a magnetic charge that helps the powder stick to it evenly. Once the item is charged then the object is dipped down in powder and it sticks in place to be baked on. If you plan to do this yourself make sure you understand how the magnets work and how to work with the electricity safely. It takes some training to learn how to do this properly.

Achieving a high quality powder coat is an act of preparation, and you have to be willing to take the time to really do things properly. If it sounds like too much work to ensure that an object is ready to be coated, do yourself a favor and hire professionals to do the work instead.

Sure you will spend more money in the short-term, but your object will be coated more effectively and you will have more equipment available to you and coating options that allow you to end up with better results in the end that last longer and are more durable.

Contact Byers Bush to get your tools prepared and powder coated with expert result and save you from getting all the trouble of powder coating your tools yourself with uncertain result.

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