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Let a Professional Company Do Your Tools’ Powder Coating Job

Posted on: August 29th, 2016 by byersbushblog

It can be very tempting to try and powder coat your own tools, equipment, furniture and anything else around your office or home, but it’s generally not the right decision.

While you could probably get away with coating some nuts and other small objects around your shop, anything larger is going to be very difficult to coat properly, and even the smaller objects likely won’t be as well protected when using a kit out of your office.

Powder Coating is Precise

In order to get a good protective coating over your equipment you need to follow a precise set of steps and do every single one perfectly. The item has to be stripped down carefully and can’t have any impurities on it to stop the adherence procedure from occurring.

That means you must wash everything down completely, and often sandblast the object first. Professional facilities have all the tools and equipment to do this job properly, you likely won’t unless you invest thousands of dollars into your coating setup.

It Takes Practice to Get Right

Coating objects properly isn’t something that you do on the very first try. Even trained professionals have to spend some time messing things up before they learn how to do the job properly. That means unless you are going to hire a pro to come in and work at your company handling coating projects with equipment they are familiar with, you will have to resign yourself to many messed up projects as the operator learns how to get the job done right.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you will have to be patient about when you get your important equipment coated properly, otherwise that protection simply isn’t going to last.

Equipment is Costly

If you plan on getting good quality results that are similar to what the pros can offer you, prepare to spend thousands of dollars. All the little DIY kits that you will find really aren’t up to the task of providing the same level of quality as what the professionals can. Instead you will have to invest in similar equipment to what they use, and it will take you a long time and lots of coating projects to pay off that investment.

Sure it is possible that you will eventually, but there’s also a good chance that you won’t, and then all that expense and time wasted would have cost you money while keeping you away from a high quality coating all along.

Professional Services aren’t that Expensive

Another excellent reason that you shouldn’t try to do the job yourself is that the professional services themselves really aren’t that expensive. They won’t cost you enough to make it worth your time to buy the equipment and train the worker to handle powder coating in your office, unless you will be coating objects each and every week.

If you just have some equipment, furniture and a few other things around the office that you want protected, it makes much more sense to go to a professional company and have them handle the task for you instead. You will enjoy better quality results, and you will get the work back faster as well. That is a pretty good reason to just cough up the money and go with a skilled service provider.

Do yourself a favor and consider a professional company, even if you don’t know whether or not you will hire a pro at the moment, take a look at the costs of doing it yourself against hiring someone else, and then consider whether the trouble is worth it or not.

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