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Working with Professional Company to achieve more Efficiency

Posted on: March 26th, 2016 by byersbushblog

If you are thinking about starting a powder coating station at your company or taking on smaller projects at your house you should know that you will be paying quite a bit more than the major powder coating companies do for your supplies, and that is going to cut into your savings pretty significantly.

On top of that the added labor time and any mistakes you will be made along the way, it will cut down on the savings. It is preferable to hire a professional company to take your work for you.

Larger and More Efficient Equipment

The first reason that you will be paying more and spending more time on the projects is because of the equipment. Professional facilities have massive pieces of equipment designed to take care of powder coating projects quickly and efficiently.

Most of the smaller operations simply don’t have the luxury of getting such large equipment to do the job. Instead they have to rely on smaller equipment that is more affordable, but also more time consuming and wasteful.

Reusing Powder is Hard to Get Right

With every coating that is put onto a piece of metal there is going to be some overspray. That is not an issue for the commercial operations because they simply reuse the powder on the next project. This is not something easy to do though and it takes time in mastering on how to reuse powder.

If you end up with granules that are either too fine or too large, it means the coating procedure is not properly applied and there is a ratio of used particles that have to be maintained with each type of powder used. Most of the stand alone operations will end up with tossing out the overspray and going with new powder for each and every project, which is more costly and really adds up over time.

Bulk Powder Orders

Everything is more affordable in bulk and the same is true for powder used at a powder coating facility. The large companies order massive quantities of powder at one time and get a hefty discount for that very reason. If you are buying smaller amounts of powder you have to pay more for it and it will cost you more for each project.

If you have enough projects going that you can afford to bulk order powder, you can cut down on this price difference somehow but chances are you won’t be ordering in quantities as much as what coating companies do, because that is what they do all day long.

Less Skilled Operators

The most skilled powder coating specialists can get through important projects quickly while still doing a quality job. That is not going to be the case when you are just starting out, unless you plan on hiring a pro to come and work at your company.

Instead you will have to spend time learning the process and run into many failed applications before getting everything right. This means you will spend more time processing each batch of powder coated items, and spend more money on materials that will go to waste with all the practice.

The expert will make fewer mistakes and get the job done in less time. All of that will save up more money and time.

I am not saying that you should not invest in equipment to take on powder coating jobs, but I am saying that you may not save as much money by taking the responsibility as you originally thought you would, there is a good chance it’s going to be more work and money.

Powder coating your own equipment is a good way to take control of the operation, but you might end up deciding to go with professionals after you have experienced the work for yourself and you know how much of a price difference there is in the end.

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