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Preserve Your Boat Trailer with Powder Coating

Posted on: September 22nd, 2016 by byersbushblog

Boat trailers often rust away very quickly during regular use. That is because they are in moisture often and many are used in salt water which only speeds up the process. It’s something that can be slowed with proper protection, but only some boat owners bother to take the time to really protect their trailers.

If you own a boat trailer you can save a great deal of money by having it professionally powder coated. You will spend a bit more money in the beginning, but that early expense will save you big time over time as your trailer remains in excellent shape.

The Benefits of a Powder Coat

A powder coating is one of the best ways to protect against moisture and salt when it comes to metal. While paint can also be used, it just isn’t as durable overall. That’s mostly because a powder coat is thicker and more elastic than paint is.

It isn’t as likely to crack in most instances and will actually continue to offer protection even after a major impact. That means that you can protect your trailer from corrosion over time by having it coated professionally, and it will stand up to regular use without allowing moisture to get down to where the metal is located.

Why Professionally?

While some people have success powder coating smaller objects such as hardware at home, coating something as large as a boat trailer is another story entirely. That is because the process is much more complicated for large objects and only a professional company has the equipment to do it properly.

If you want to maximize the life of your trailer you should seek out help from a professional to make sure that the coating is applied properly. Once it has been applied, the trailer will stand up to harsh use and will take much longer to rust than it would have before it was protected.

Reapply the Coating

A good quality powder coat is good for years of protection, but eventually even the best will fail. When that time comes around it’s important to ensure that you have it recoated once again to protect against rust and corrosion.

To avoid too much damage to the trailer make sure you look for signs of cracking or breaks in the coating every month. Over time you will notice that there are some breaks in the coating. When this occurs it’s important to have the coating stripped away and then reapplied. Doing so will add additional years on to the operating life of the trailer once again.

It costs significant money to have a boat trailer protectively coated, but doing so will save you more than you spent over time. That is because you will be able to continue using the same trailer for much longer and you won’t have to worry about making repairs or replacing it when it eventually wears out. You could more than double the lifespan of the trailer, and when you consider such benefits it’s easy to see how spending a bit of money initially makes a lot of sense.

Just make sure that if you do get the work done you pay for a quality professional application. Getting a protective coating from an amateur won’t give you the same value as a professional coating, and likely won’t last nearly as long.

Spend a bit more money and make sure that you work with a truly talented coating expert. The right company will not only do an excellent job, but also make more coating colors available to you so that you can pick an option that you really like the look of.

Contact Byers Bush to get your boat trailers shielded with protective powder coating and earn the maximize benefits of your boat trailers without the fear of easily corroded.

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