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Preparation is the Most Important Step in Powder Coating

Posted on: February 9th, 2016 by byersbushblog

There are many people out there that believe they can powder coat tools and equipment with ease. Sure there is equipment available for purchase that will do the job for you, and the investment isn’t as much as you might think for products to do the bare minimum job, but achieving quality results isn’t something that you can easily and without significant preparation.

In fact, the preparation is more important than the coating process itself. If you don’t know how to prepare the surface properly you’ll end up with a low quality finish that isn’t going to look nice or hold up over time. That’s obviously not something that you want, so take your time and really nail that preparation.

Strip it Down

Many times when coating something you have to remove paint or a previous coating before you can even start the process. This involves lots of scraping, grinding, heating and sanding to remove the outer coatings.

It can take some serious time and effort to strip parts down all the way, but when you’re finally done you’ll have a shiny metal that’s ready for washing and further prep until you finally start coating the piece for future protection.

Clean it up

The most important part of preparation is getting your parts completely clean. They can’t have debris, oil or anything else on them before you get started with the coating. Anything present on the surface is going to mess up the end results, and that’s the last thing that you want to happen.

You should wash all the parts vigorously in oil removing solution with a small amount of soap or another degreasing solution. If there are any rough edges that you don’t want to in the finished product you’ll likely have to remove them with sanding or through sandblasting.

Since the cleaning process is so important it’s vital that you get professional help if you don’t think you can do the job properly. A company will have industrial tools and equipment to get all those parts completely clean.


Outgassing is the process of removing grease, gas and other contaminants that may have seeped into the metal that you’re about to coat. This usually means heating up the metal in the oven before coating it.

If you don’t outgas the metal properly you could end up with bubbles and other contaminants that ruin the finished coating around your product. It’s not that difficult of a procedure, but it’s something that you have to remember to account for.

Masking the Parts

Pieces about to be counted have to carefully be masked with clean tools, gloves and anything else that you need to do the job properly. Some things like bolt threads have to be masked so they aren’t altered by a coating.

It’s difficult to get this process right and if you do it improperly you’ll end up with coating where you don’t want it or poor results that you don’t want to live with.

There is a great deal of preparation involved in any powder coating project. If you don’t take the time to follow all the different steps involved, you’ll end up with poor results that aren’t worth the effort.

Experts have more experience getting all the preparation right, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the job on your own. You just have to use the right tools and equipment and proceed very carefully through all the coating steps along the way.

Unfortunately all the time and effort that you put into getting the project right might not make it worth it compared to just paying a pro to take care of it for you.

Contact Byers Bush to let them prepare and give your equipment the professional powder coating service and save yourself from the entire headache of preparing and doing powder coating yourself which can lead to uncertain results.

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