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Powder Coating Techniques You Shall Know

Posted on: November 8th, 2018 by byersbushblog

There is a reason why professionals should do powder coating and sandblasting. For one, without the proper technique, it would be quite difficult to achieve the proper result. It is important to point out that once you get into the wrong technique, the next thing you know, efficiency and quality would be done. What do we need to know?

Powder coating technique that essential

Sometimes some simple powder coating tricks can have a world of a difference in getting the proper result. Here are some things to consider:

  • Proper Grounding – you must be aware that poor grounding will impact efficiency and the resulting film can have improper buildup. Make sure that both the powder and the part are both grounded correctly.
  • Right Amount – Never get carried away with the amount of powder that you use. Too much powder does not mean better or faster results. In fact, too much powder can compromise the booth as well as the spray gun. You may even experience premature wear of the pump.
  • Air Quality – this relates to the compressed air that you use. Maintain good air quality by taking moisture, particulate, and oil out of the equation. Installing an air dryer with filter will help maintain air quality for improved powder coating process.
  • Particle Size – by maintaining the right particle size range means getting the proper thickness of the coating, quality of the finish, and the efficiency of transfer. Keep in mind that the size of the particle will continuously become smaller as it is reused and reclaimed.
  • Color Changeovers – make sure that you do this process properly because any improper changeover of colors can result in cross contamination. This can mean rejected products as well as potential health hazards. Use dedicated hoses for specific textures and colors to avoid this problem.
  • Proper Treatment – before considering advanced powder coating techniques, make sure you take care of the basics. This means ensuring that the surface is properly treated to eliminate dirt and grime. As a result, there will be better corrosion and impact resistance as well as improved adhesion of the powder to the coated parts.
  • Correct Curing – there will only be three possible results from curing, under curing, over curing, and the correct curing. The right combination of temperature and minutes in the oven will guarantee the best result possible. Observe the proper cure schedule recommended by the powder supplier.

powder coating techniques

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How powder coating technique can give the best result

The best powder coating result can be achieved by the simple formula of quality control plus preventive maintenance. When you commit to the right powder coating method, you ensure that every coating process will be up to standards in terms of its gloss, texture, color, and durability.

To keep this type of standard consistently, you need to make sure that all equipment goes through proper cleaning and inspecting. Whenever necessary, repair and replacement of components must be done immediately.

In instances where repairs or replacements are needed, stick with OEM-manufactured materials and parts. The approved components will mean less system failure and the same quality of output that you had before the breakdown. All employees should undergo proper training on system maintenance to ensure that potential problems are identified early on so that repairs will not be costly and there would be less impact on your operation.

It would be best practice to establish protocols and procedures that will ensure efficient and consistent operation of all powder coating and sandblasting equipment. Proper usage of these equipment should likewise be emphasized to come out with high quality powder coated materials.

Why you should entrust Byers Bush to do powder coating?

There are definitely a lot of things you need to focus on with powder coating to come up with a great result. Therefore, you cannot simply settle for just any powder coating service. You need to seek out one that has extensive experience in sandblasting and powder coating specific to your industry.

Professional powder coating does not only mean high quality results, it also should translate to excellent turnaround times including fabulous service to customers. The delivery of the service should also maintain the environment-friendly nature of powder coating.

So with over 40 years of experience delivering powder coating and sandblasting services to various industries, we can guarantee that we are capable of meeting your every expectation.

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