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Powder Coating Swing Sets

Posted on: May 18th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Almost every adult has a beautiful memory with swing sets, right? Not only are they fun and fantastic outdoor furniture, they also provide children with an avenue to make friends. In an age where children are subjected to TV, computers, and other devices, encouraging children to go outside and to play seems to be a daunting task. How can you improve and protect the look of these swing sets?

The Need for Protection

Usually the swing sets that we see in municipal parks, schoolyards, or even in private homes are colorful and grab your attention. That is of course if it is properly kept, otherwise, you see swing sets that are rusty and almost dilapidated. Why does this happen?

Swing sets are actually made from smaller components that individually require proper maintenance. It has metal fixtures like metal braces and connector brackets that hold all the parts together. Since these components are made from metal, the time will come that it will be damaged by rust and corrosion.

To ensure that the swing sets remain functional for a long time and durable, all of its components need proper protection. How do you do it?

Enter Powder Coating

When it comes to the protection of metal, powder coating ranks as one of the most preferred. This holds true especially for furniture and fixtures that are exposed to the environment and changing weather conditions constantly. In recent years powder coating has played an integral role in protecting metal parts like those of swing sets to keep it beautiful and functional.

There are of course swing set components that are made from vinyl and not just metal. So you need to consider protection for these parts as well. But as far as the metal components are concerned, powder coating remains one of your best choice for protection. Why is this?

Properly done by a competent powder coating service, swing sets can look like they are painted over but actually uses a different coating technique. As a decorative finish, applying powder coating gives you more liberty in the choices of colors and textures that you can use. If it is good for industrial and farm equipment, it can protect your swing sets too.

What You Get

What does powder coating hold for you? If you choose to use it for your swing sets, you get a fun outdoor equipment that becomes low maintenance. Powder coating has earned a reputation for delivering durable protection that is resistant not only to corrosion, but also to chemicals and weather. Compared to other liquid coating solutions, powder coating comes out on top most of the time.

Having a virtually maintenance-free swing set is a definite advantage that does not need further explanation. However, in the interest of showing why powder coating is the best option; the swing sets will be protected without having to rely on solvents that act as binders and as far as volatile organic compounds are concerned, there are virtually none.

If outdoor barbeques, garden equipment, and patio furniture rely on powder coating, why shouldn’t you choose this coating technique for your swing sets? The electrostatically charged particles from the pulverized resin and pigment that is sprayed on the surface of the swing set components stick by ensuring that the surface of these components are electrically grounded.Without these conditions, it would be difficult to ensure proper adherence to the dry surface of the components.

The components will then be subjected to heating to melt and fuse the powder to the surface of the components to create a coating that is similar to liquid paint, but is more durable yet equally beautiful. All that is left now is to ensure that you get the right powder coating service to do the job.

For all your powder coating needs, call Byers Bush Powder Coating and gain the benefits of custom powder coating for your children swing sets.

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