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What Is Powder Coating Rims & How to Apply It to Your Rims

Posted on: December 7th, 2017 by byersbushblog

It is easy to understand that regular driving will have its impact on your tires and rims. This can result in chips, scratches, grit, and overall degradation due to the road and weather conditions that you will encounter. Is there a way of restoring the like-new appearance of these rims? There are a number of ways that you can do it, but have you considered powder coating your rims?

Powder Coating

Are you familiar with powder coating? Did you know that it is a type of dry finishing? It relies on finely grounded particles that are electrically charged and sprayed to the surface of the material so that it can stick to it. The powder-like substances are then cured in an oven to allow it to melt and bind with the material to create an excellent coat.


This coating process works best when the material is stripped to its raw form. For rims, it will be pressure washed to ensure that the surface is free from dirt and grit. It will then be dipped in chemicals to completely strip away the old layers of coating.


Compressed air will be used to apply the powder. It will become positively charged as it is forced through the nozzle of the powder coat gun. The material will remain negatively charged to allow the powder to stick to it.

Once the rim has been coated it will then be taken in the oven. The powder will begin to heat and bake until molecular change is achieved allowing the particles to bond with the material and create a seamless coat for the rims. The coat is durable, scratch resistant, and holds up better against chipping.

Choosing Powder Coating

Why should powder coating be considered for rims? One of the most compelling reasons is that it is far more durable than liquid paint coating. Consider the wear and tear that rims go through on the road and the various weather conditions, you need the toughest coat possible.

Another great plus going for powder coating is that the finish has a vibrant color that can last for a long time regardless whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. The entire process is even kind to the environment because there is virtually no waste to deal with.  Do you want to get creative and have more than just smooth and vibrant colored rims? Powder coating can deliver wrinkled, matter, or whatever type of look you want.

When finished, powder coating looks like paint, but only tougher, more resistant to scratches, lasts longer, and more beautiful. So does this mean that painting your rims is out? Well, if you would like to avoid the hassle and cost of having to repaint and repair chips and cracks ever so often, then the answer would be yes.


Try to ask the experts, and undoubtedly, you will find that painting will also cost you more. To get the level of beauty and protection that powder coating brings, you will need 2 to 3 coats of liquid paint at the very least.

The key difference really if you must know is that with powder coating, there is no need for solvents to separate the binder and filler parts. There is no need to keep these in liquid suspension so there are no additional costs that you have to incur, plus getting rid of solvent waste can be quite tricky when you consider its impact on the environment.


Best Option

Are powder coating rims really the best option? Durability, price, and flexibility all say yes. However, there is one drawback when using it on your rims. You have to know that it is not recommended to re-coat it after the process has finished.


This means you have to make sure of the color and type of finish you want for your rims before doing anything; otherwise, there are no do overs.


To get the best out of powder coating your rims, bring them to Byers Bush Powder Coating today.

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