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Powder Coating Protection for Your Marine Investment

Posted on: March 4th, 2017 by byersbushblog

How much have you invested in your boat? Would it be safe to say that it is a substantial amount of money? If that is the case, then shouldn’t you be ensuring that it remains in the best shape possible? One of the best ways to protect your marine investment is to have it powder coated. Why?


One of the best ways to preserve the beauty of the metal fixtures of your boat for many years is to use powder coating. This process allows you to give the best protection against saltwater corrosion for all the metal parts of your boat. The great thing is that preservation can extend to the boat fixtures as well.

When you realize that the mixture of air, sunshine, water, and salt are all contributory factors to the formation of corrosion of metals, then you definitely need to use powder coating in every marine environment.

Properly executing the powder coating process will give protection to virtually all types of metals including aluminum and stainless steel. Boat parts made from these metals will benefit from superior and durable finish when proper powder coating is done.

Parts and Fixtures

Exactly what parts and fixtures of the boat can be subjected to powder coating? You can never underestimate the strength of powder coating when it comes to protecting the metal finish of your boat. The great thing with powder coating is that it maintains its protective barrier in typically all types of weather.

Want something that is easy to maintain and clean? Powder coating is the answer. Would you want to have the convenience of easily maintaining the clear coating of marine brass work or even copper fittings? If you are a boat owner, you know how challenging it could be to preserve the shine and luster of these metal parts in your boat. Would you really want to keep on buffing and polishing for hours?

Have colored rails, no problem, powder coating can match any color of boat parts that you have because of the wide selection available. So what other marine parts can be subjected to powder coating?

  • Towers;
  • Rails;
  • Outdrives;
  • Radar arches;
  • Boat gashes;
  • Fishing rod holders; and
  • Virtually any brass, copper, stainless, and aluminum fixtures on board.

The Work Options

It is understandable why some boat owners would consider sanding and painting rather than powder coating. Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a considerably large material, sanding it to get it cleaned can take a lot of your time. You also have to consider the amount of time to completely paint it. This would depend on how many coat of paints you want to use.

Sandblasting would be a good work option, however, if you are dealing with an anodized protective finish, then you have to know that this process will make it turn dull and gray. You may opt to prime it using zinc chromate before painting, but this will only add up to the work you need to do.

So, enter powder coating into your work options. Cost-wise, it would be almost equal to having the material primed and painted. However, powder coating would mean significantly less labor for you and quite possibly with impressively better result.

How to Do It

The initial step is to bake the material in an oven.  This prepares the frame for final coating by baking it at a higher temperature. The higher temperature removes the possibility of gassing. By baking the material, it becomes easier to remove the old sealant, putty, and other dirt on the materials.

After the material has been cooled, it can then be sandblasted. This ensures a completely clean surface that will pave the way for a smooth satin-like finish from the powder coating. The material needs to be electrically grounded followed by electrostatic spraying of the powder. This makes the powder stick to the surface of the material in a uniform fashion.

Once the powder has stuck to the surface it can then be oven baked. This melts the powder so that it flows and sticks to the metal to form a smooth coating that will be allowed to solidify. This leaves a smooth and shiny surface that is tough, corrosion resistant, and lasts longer than any painted surface will ever do.

When you consider all of these, powder coating is a minor expense for protecting one of your major investments. Contact Byers Bush to get the best powder coating possible and maximize your marine investment life time.

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