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Is Powder Coating Heat Resistant?

Posted on: December 19th, 2017 by byersbushblog

The powder coating process is generally considered as a dry paint finishing solution primarily because there are no solvents used or mixed in to achieve that excellent finish. The performance however is far better than what traditional paint finish or metal coating can deliver. The question though is whether powder coating is heat resistant.

Durable Finish

Compared with conventional coating methods, powder coating scores significantly higher both in terms of corrosion resistance and environment friendliness. It is considered as a durable finish that can create long lasting results for commercial and residential products as well.

Powder coating is applied to various furniture, railings, wheels, home appliances, and doors that are made out of wood, plastic, glass, and metal of course. This means that you can get a durable finish with so much flexibility. It can be used on a wide range of products provided that it can be electrostatically charged to allow the powder to cling and coat to the material.

In order to get this type of durable and high quality finish, it is important to make sure that that powder coating provider has extensive experience in dealing with the different types of materials that can be coated. It is equally important that the service provider has the reputation for delivering the durable and excellent finish that you want.

High Temperature Coating

So, is powder coating heat resistant? First of all, aside from heat resistance, it is also equally important to find out whether excellent finish can be achieved even in high temperatures. It is a well-known fact that powder coating is excellent in covering imperfections in the materials that it coats. However, can it deliver the same high quality when subjected to extreme heat?


To achieve high temperature powder coat, it requires a series of functional coating that is silicone based. This process will give the powder coating process not only the heat resistance that is desired, but also corrosion resistance together with high levels of color retention.

This means that in this context, powder coating can survive even the harshest environments; something that is extremely useful for industrial and automotive products. The excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance properties have been established through a series of tests that have been done to ensure that the high quality finish remains intact.

As far as heat resistance is concerned, the powder coat is capable of withstanding temperatures of well above 1100 degrees. This is quite significant, which means that it can be deployed in a variety of degrading environments and provides flexibility in terms of color selection. It is important to note that powder coats have exposed to more than 240 hours of humidity and salt spray without any signs of degradation.

Temperature Properties

After going through vigorous testing procedures, powder coats have retained its gloss and color. The coating itself did not show any signs of peeling, cracking, and degrading. These tests were carried using polyester, epoxy, and hybrid materials. The powder coating can be applied in both textured and smooth surfaces to achieve the desired finish.


Let’s take a look at the properties of powder coat finishes at various temperature ranges.

  • At 600 Degrees

Powder coating at this temperature exhibits excellent surface hardness and maintains chemical resistance. The coat is assured for long-term performance with the gloss, film integrity, and color well-maintained. Resistance to UV is also exceptional making it ideal for outdoor usage.

  • At 800 Degrees

In terms of maintaining the gloss, color, and film integrity, there is no question that the coat will hold at this temperature. Expect the coat to last for a long time and remain resistant to UV rays when applied to outdoor products.

  • At 1000 Degrees

Beyond average resistance to UV exposure can be expected from powder coats at this temperature. The integrity of the film, gloss, and color also remains exceptional. As far as over bake stability is concerned, there is no question that it will remain excellent.

  • At 1200 Degrees

At this extreme temperature, you can expect the powder coat to remain in excellent condition regardless whether it is for indoor or outdoor application. The over bake stability is equally excellent with the integrity of the color, gloss, and film remaining more than satisfactory.

How can you be assured that the powder coating remains heat resistant? Or more importantly, that the powder coat remains in excellent condition when subjected to high temperatures? The answer lies not only in the method of application, but also in the service provider.

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