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Update The Newest Technology of Powder Coating Finishes

Posted on: December 12th, 2018 by byersbushblog

In an effort to improve the quality of Byers Bush’s powder coating finishes, they have acquired some new technology to help improve quality of their finishes. The InoBell is a high transfer applicator that offers improved efficiency and uniformity to the high quality finish.

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InoBell for Powder Coating Finishes

The acquisition of this equipment has improved the powder coating finishes because of the following attributes:

  • Spray pattern – the InoBell allows for 2 to 3 times more coverage than a traditional gun. With the ability to cover more surface space, the InoBell will improve uniformity without fluctuations in film build.
  • Increased powder flow – InoBell provides the highest flow of charged powder with a soft pattern that will result in higher first pass quality, better uniformity, and a higher quality finish. As seen in the picture below, note the smooth finish of the InoBell vs. the dual guns.
  • Ionization Prevention – InoBell is designed with a counter electrode to collect ions which are not necessary for charging powder. This optimizes the electrostatic field and prevents back ionization.
  • Easy Maintenance – The spray technology is housed in a removable and easily maintained unit. All components can be separated in a few seconds without requiring special tools. Easy connections allow for reduced downtime, while cleaning the InoBell is as easy as using an air compressor and can be done in a very short time.
  • Simplified controls – The InoBell is controlled through a TCR module which allows for easy adjustment of key parameters from interface. Control of powder flow, shaping & dilution air, turbine speed, and current are easily controlled through this easily integrated module that can fit into a standard cabinet or rack mount.

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InoBell Benefits for Powder Coating Finishes

The InoBell has been able to take these attributes and drive improvements for the powder coating companies that have implemented it across their production. Some of the benefits seen include a 40% savings in powder, quality improvement due to uniformity of coating, improved productivity, and all resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Byers Bush is excited to now be able to offer improved powder coating finishes to their customers, a definite advantage over the competition.

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