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How to Estimate Powder Coating Finish Price

Posted on: April 11th, 2019 by byersbushblog

Are you considering powder coating service? If so, one of your first questions will probably be, “what will it cost?” There are a variety of factors that affect what it will cost to have an item powder coated.

Use these guidelines to help you get an idea of what to expect.

1st Factor – Is the item new or used? 

If the item is new, it probably will not need to be cleaned prior to being powder coated.  However, if the item is used, it may have a buildup of grease or dust.

If so, it will need to be thoroughly cleaned using solvent to prepare it for powder coating.  In order for the powder coating to adhere to the item’s surface, the surface must be completely clean.

When the item requires cleaning prior to powder coating, there is typically an additional charge.


2nd Factor – Is the item taken apart and ready to be powder coated? 

In order to properly prepare the surfaces, all items must be disassembled before they can be powder coated.  Disassembling the item also protects it.

The oven that is used to cure the powder coated item reaches 400° F. Any components that cannot tolerate extreme heat must be removed to keep them from being damaged.

If there is any portion of the item that you do not want to be powder coated, that portion must be removed or taped off.

There is an additional charge for disassembling your item prior to powder coating.

3rd Factor – Does the item need to be sandblasted prior to powder coating? 

Powder coating must be applied to a clean, smooth surface in order for the coating to adhere properly.

Items that have a textured finish or have been exposed to weather or rust will need a sandblasting service to achieve the necessary smooth finish.  New items sometimes need to be sandblasted to remove welding slag or smooth a rough finish.

If your item needs to be sandblasted to prepare the surface for powder coating, there will be an additional charge.

4th Factor – What kind of powder coating do you want? 

Powder coating is available in lots of different textures and colors.  Not every option is the same price.  Our stock powder coating prices are a standard price.

If you want a specialty color or a metallic or texturized finish, there will be an additional charge.


5th Factor – Do you need a clear coat? 

Typically, just one coat of powder coating is applied, and that achieves a beautiful, durable finish. The cost for a clear coat is based on the surface area to be covered as well as the difficulty in handling the product.

If you want a specialty powder coat, though, like a candy finish or metallic, you may need an additional clear coat.  In cases like these, the clear coat adds depth to the finish and gives it an additional layer of protection.

6th Factor – How big is the item that will be powder coated? 

The cost for powder coating an item depends on the surface area of the item to be coated as well as the level of difficulty in handling the item.

Therefore, the size of the item and the amount of detail involved in powder coating it will affect your cost.

These are six factors that will affect your total cost for powder coating.

When you have an item to be powder coated, contact Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc.. We have been providing powder coating and sandblasting services in Toronto, Concord, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Ontario for more than 40 years.

We are known for providing high-quality finishes and doing so with a quick turnaround time and excellent customer service.

Our experienced and qualified team has the expertise that you need in order to achieve a perfect powder coated finish.

Before we coat your item, our team will inspect it.  They will check the condition of the item, and decide what needs to be done to prepare the item for powder coating.

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