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Two Must-Have Powder Coating Equipments

Posted on: May 27th, 2019 by byersbushblog

The world of powder coating can look a little daunting to a novice with no practical, first-hand experience of the process, but a beginner’s kit is easy to get hold of and will have you powder coating in no time.

Beginners’ powder coating equipments is generally only made up of three elements, all of which can be acquired with some clever shopping and research into reputable providers.


To get a good result, it doesn’t only need  a professional skill but also best powder coating equipments to support your work. Here are must have powder coating equipements to start powder coating.

#1. Powder Coating Equipments: A Gun

And, no. Not that kind of gun. The one we’re looking for is a powder coating gun.

The most important piece of powder coating apparatus is the gun itself. Guns can be picked up from a number of sources, and a good quality beginner’s one shouldn’t set you back more than around $100.

The gun requires a compressed air source to run properly. Luckily, powder guns are capable of creating full coverage of a surface without requiring high pressure, so a low output compressor should do more than suffice.

“Look for a small compressor that is capable of between 5-10psi.”

Once you have your gun and air compressor, you’re covered for the coating stage of the overall powder coating process. For the curing process, you’ll need a heat source.

#2. Powder Coating Equipments: An Oven

The final stage of the overall coating process is called curing and is designed to set the powder coat by heating it, causing it to melt and bond, after which it can be removed and cooled to room temperature, revealing a resilient finishing coat that can withstand numerous corrosive or abrasive conditions.

“The curing process can be completed with the help of a basic, domestic oven.”

These can be picked up secondhand from numerous outlets, but it is incredibly important to make sure you purchase an oven specifically for this purpose, and do not split the requirements of your existing household oven to accommodate powder coat curing.

This is because the chemicals burnt off during the curing process can contaminate food, and be extremely harmful in terms of human consumption. If you’re serious about powder coating, you need to splash out on a new, dedicated oven for the privilege.

Furthermore, make sure your oven is spotless, otherwise any debris inside it will quickly become debris embedded into the powder coating, leaving imperfections in the finish and potential weak spots in the durability of the coat.

Powder Coating

If you’re looking to get started in the world of powder coating and could do with some pointers, or further information about the process, then contact Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc.

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Our experienced and qualified team has the expertise that you need in order to achieve a perfect powder coated finish.

Before we coat your item, our team will inspect it. They will check the condition of the item, and decide what needs to be done to prepare the item for powder coating.

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