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Powder Coating Electrical Equipment Makes Sense

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 by byersbushblog

There are a number of good reasons to powder coat your electrical parts and components, and if you aren’t already it’s something to consider. Applying a powder coating to your equipment can give it a more attractive look, help insulate it and extend its lifespan as well. Each of these things will help you sell more parts and acquire a larger base of customers.

Insulate the Parts

Many different powder coat materials are natural insulators. This is a huge benefit on electrical equipment that you want to protect. By applying a thin coating on the equipment you can offer added protection from power surges, static electricity and shorts in your equipment.

This can extend the life of that equipment while making it more desirable. Compared to other insulation methods powder coating your equipment could end up being a very cost-effective solution. You only need a thin layer of the material for it to do its job and the coating can be applied to most metallic surfaces no matter what shape they are.

Withstand Corrosion

While most electrical components are operated in a pretty dry environment, there is always going to be some moisture to contend with, especially on parts near the outside of equipment.

If you want to make sure that corrosion never becomes an issue, one of the best ways to do this is by having the parts powder coated. This makes them more durable and protects them from things like impacts and abrasions as well as rust and corrosion.

Powder coating metallic objects is one of the best ways to protect them against corrosion, and even if the parts are going to be in a damp environment they can last for years when a rugged coating is applied to the surface.

Add Directions and Labeling

Most electronics components come with some labels and logos. All of this can be applied right over top of a powder coated surface with Silk Screening.

The major benefit of applying directions on top of a powder coating is that the directions will stand out even more. You can get a darker coat on your part and then a light set of directions and they will be highly visible. Some powder coat facilities will apply silk screening to parts right after the order has cured which helps speed up the process and reduces the time it takes to finish producing parts and equipment.

Custom Components

As a components supplier there’s a good chance that you’ll either want to customize your own parts to make them recognizable, or that your customers will want specific colors and patterns on their equipment. This is more difficult to achieve with traditional coloring methods, but is simple with powder coating.

There are some powder coating professionals, companies like Byers Bush, who have many different supplier relationships. This allows them to offer more color options than other companies and gives you more variety and control over what your parts end up looking like.

If you’ve been looking for a more affordable way to protect your equipment, you want more rugged components or you simply want a more custom look consider getting powder coating protection.The process is simple and with the right supplier it’s pretty affordable as well. You don’t even have to commit to a job to find out what it is going to cost you. Many companies will offer estimates for a particular project so that you can shop around and decide on the company you like the best. Whoever you go with, make sure that they are a proven business with experience working on similar equipment to what you need protected.


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