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What is powder coating and how it change your goods?

Posted on: December 25th, 2018 by byersbushblog

What is powder coating definition? Powder coating is treating a metal with a protective outer layer that increases its ability to resist rust, corrosion, and exposure to natural elements.  It is commonly used coat and protect items that will be used outdoors.

The powder coating substance is typically made of phosphates and a blend of fine metal particles, such as titanium.

In any case, the coating is a fine powder that is applied to metal substances and will prevent forms of deterioration, including rust, corrosion, and weather damage.

The particular ingredients can vary from one manufacturer to another. A powder coating a product makes it more durable without adding significant weight.

powder coating definition

Uses of Powder Coating

Powder coating is often used to treat products that are intended for outdoor use.  This includes things like powder coating rims,  outdoor furniture, including patio and lawn sets.

Powder coating is also used to protect sporting equipment, like the metal frames that are used to hold volleyball or tennis nets.

It is also useful for creating durable equipment for swimming pools.  Stadium seating, golf carts, railings, and farm equipment are all items that are commonly treated with powder coating.

Since all of these items are frequently subjected to harsh weather, using a powder coated metal helps to reinforce their durability and make them last longer.

Fencing is another popular use for powder coating.  Rails and pickets used in fencing are typically powder coated.

Powder coating is a popular choice because it allows the option of painting over the metal without damaging the product or detracting from the protection offered by the powder coat.

It appeals to homeowners because it provides the durability that they need while also giving them the option to paint it and achieve the aesthetic that they desire.

For the same reason, powder coated metal is often used for exterior lighting fixtures, too.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Powder coating vs painting? What’s the difference? Based on appearance, powder coating resembles paint.  However, the process is different.  It is what’s known as a dry finishing process.

It involves powder coating gun that spraying an electrostatically charged resin onto a grounded surface using powder coating powder.  This attracts the charged particles in the resin. After the resin is sprayed onto the product’s surface, the item is baked in an oven.

Baking the products melts the powder coating, which causes it to form a bond with the product’s surface.

powder coating colors

Benefits of Powder Coating

The most well-known benefit of powder coating is that it can resist rust, corrosion, and scratches.  Besides those factors, powder coating also is beneficial because it doesn’t create pollution.

This benefits the environment, and it also offers economic benefits, since manufacturers don’t have to worry about investing in pollution-control equipment.

Powder coating results in very little waste, as well, because any extra powder left behind from overspray can be gathered up and reused.

Powder coating doesn’t fade or chip, and it can be produced in a large variety of colors and finishes.  It is an excellent choice for many types of applications, making it the fastest-growing form of industrial coating in North America.

Powder coating was first used to coat metal, but today can be used to protect many different surfaces, including plastic and wood.

Thinking about powder coating DIY? Well, not that fast. You need to lots of experience and understanding about it. So for more information on powder coating and how it can benefit your product, contact Byers Bush Powder Coating Inc.

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