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Perfect Color Match for Powder Coating

Posted on: December 24th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Choosing Powder Coating Color : Any Color, Anytime

Are you trying to find a the perfect color match?  Perhaps you are restoring an old car or modifying the engine.  Maybe you want your equipment to match the brand of your company logo.  Either way we want you to find that perfect color match.  This process can be intimidating.  There are so many options out there, color matching is not a simple process.

Powder coating colors come in just about any shade, texture and gloss.  So, how do you go about selecting the perfect color match?  Let’s consider a few suggestions and gain a better understanding of hoe powder coating works.

In an industrial environment colors are used to indicate safety.

For example the color red is used to represent fire equipment, flammable liquids, and stop signs and buttons.

The color orange designate danger from energized machinery.

The color yellow means caution and warns of physical hazards like trip and slip dangers.

The color blue is used to indicate policies and directions.

These colors are no problem to formulate.

We can provide dark grays and bright whites too.

Variations in gloss levels, textures and tones are also possible. Metallic flake, vines and hammer tones.  An object can even be clear coated.


First of all, What is Powder?

What is the powder in a powder coat?  They are polyvinyl or PVC flakes that will repeatedly melt when heated and cool into a hard “skin”.  This creates a tough membrane that can stand up to the most challenging environments.  That is why this technique is often used for industrial equipment and engine parts.

The finish is strong and resists marks and scratches from screwdrivers and tools.  It also does a good job at protecting metal from rusting.  The powder coat is spread as a free flow dry plastic.  No solvents are necessary because the powder is applied electrostatically then cured and dried through heat.  This process reduces waste and the impact of our environment is greatly reduced.

Color Matching

For the most accuracy, send a sample or chip of the paint you want matched into the company.  We will do our best to match it.

Custom color matching is our specialty.  When it comes to matching powder coating to paint it can be a challenge.  It is possible to get the match exact but it is also expensive and time consuming.  Of course there are certain standardized hews that are readily available like some of the Ford and Cheney engine colors.

We recommend that you match the paint to the powder coating color instead.  This is a faster and cheaper method if you must mix coatings.  Choose your color and we can send you a sample of the powder coat for reference.  Contact us and let us work to meet your needs.


Images & Paint Codes

Here are a few suggestions when it comes to choosing and matching colors.  The perfect matching chart and number system hasn’t been created yet.  But here are a few things you can do to move in the right direction.

Find a photo of the desired color, the actual color not just something painted that color.  Go to a website that allows you to translate paint color codes into Red Green Blue values.  You could also convert the color into HEX or RAL values. Using these programs you can convert the photo into a HEX code then into a RAL color.

What is the RAL color matching system?

World wide this standard method is used to judge powder coating color values.  Powders and traditional paints are fundamentally different at a molecular level.  Therefore matching them using paint codes and charts doesn’t work.

It is interesting to note that even the big names in the coatings industry like DuPont and Sherrie-Williams don’t use the same system for matching their powder colors and their traditional paint colors.  The RAL color system produces the best results.  The other option of course is to mail us a sample and we will do the work for you.

Aesthetic Considerations

What is the item you are coating?  If its older and in poor condition you may want to choose a matte finish.  Some objects look better in a gloss finish.  Some colors must first have a base coat then a top coat to achieve luminescent qualities.


As they say “seeing is believing” if you want to be absolutely sure that the color you order is the right one for you,  contact us and we can send you a sample card powder sprayed with the color you are considering.

Lasting quality, durable and chip-resistant powders, including metallic, gloss, flat, textured and translucent colors, you’ll get exactly the color finish you want.  Additives that create translucent effects and pearl like finishes.  Contact us, powder coatings are the future and we want you to benefit from making the decision to coat with powder.


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