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Enrich Your Goods’ Value with Powder Coating Color Charts

Posted on: June 4th, 2018 by byersbushblog

If you are familiar with powder coating, then you know that it presents literally thousands of options for colors and textures. It is likewise true that not all powders are created equal, which means that the quality can vary substantially. So to get the best output quality possible and highest performance standards make sure that you consult with experts. Let’s see how powder coating color charts can further help your powder coating needs.

Protech-Oxyplast Powder Coatings Color Charts – Thermoset

There are number of powder coating chemistries that you can use to get the kind of finish that you would want or need. Powder coating choices can likewise be extremely functional in such a way that it can be applied to military and government requirements.

In case you did not know, the Protech-Oxyplast Group actually acquired the manufacturing assets of Innotek Powder Coating, a company based in Big Springs Texas. In the powder coating industry, Innotek has earned its reputation and respect by maintaining standards of specialization in the area of high performance thermoplastic coating resulting in super durable finishing.

Powder Coating Color Charts

Protech is likewise the first powder coating manufacturer that has successfully achieved Qualicoat label for low-curing as well as degassing of powder coating. The Qualicoat approval has never been granted before for this kind of energy friendly technology that can be cured at temperatures of 150 degrees.

This recognition is in adherence to the demand from the industry to come up with energy saving technology and increased efficiency. This type of coating can also be applied even to aluminum profile metals.The trend of lower curing coatings may not stay as a trend for long because it may transform into the standard in the future.

The powder coating color charts that can be subjected to low curing is consistently being expanded to help meet the needs of every customer. The color chart of Protech-Oxyplast gives you an idea of the full range of thermoplastic powder coating color charts that you can choose from. There are some unique global powder coating producers that cannot deliver the kind of finishing technology that this company can offer.

One thing to look seriously at is the RAL program, which has been expanded so that smoother finishes can now be delivered in two versions. What difference does it make? The new enhanced program is meant to deliver enhanced consistency of color and faster turnaround times for the process. This would mean better value for your money especially when you can find the right color that you prefer.

The great thing with this powder coating process is that it can be applied to a wide range of products from appliances to store fixtures and merchandising among others.

Cardinal Paint

For Cardinal Paint, it relies on the use of a powder coating color charts or card to give customers an idea of the list of stock products that they can choose from. The color card can provide customers with useful information regarding the powder coating like how the company’s numbering system works.

The Cardinal Industrial Finishes are also considered as specialty finishes, which are available from their stock product catalog. Even if you need customized application for your product, it is possible to accommodate it. Cardinal can work with customers in the development of products to meet specific performance requirements including adherence to environmental regulations.

As far as specialty finishing and custom coating is concerned, it has a waterborne and strippable coating that is specifically designed for coat spray booths and similar equipment. This coat can be easily applied and cleaned up with low VOC content. It also poses low fire hazard and is compliant with RoHS/WEEE standards.

Another specialty finish that you may find attractive is the black flat High Solids, which is a two-component, polyurethane-based coating. This type of top coat is idea for exterior application on metal products. This is because aside from its decorative value, it can provide protection for metal and plastic materials. The product also has exceptional resistance to chemicals and solvents for the utmost protection in numerous challenging environments.

Prismatic Powders

Are you aware that Prismatic powders are capable of delivering vibrant finishes that can last comparatively longer than the traditional wet paint method? In terms of special effects, it can be comparable or even better depending on the way it is applied.

Even those who have extensive experience in a production environment may find it difficult to believe the quality of effects that the powder coating color charts can produce using powder coating techniques. Using existing technology, the special effect can be achieved with the help of a specialized powder that is applied using multiple powder applications combined with various curing steps.

Prismatic Powders

Candy Colors or simply candies is one such example of a powder coating special effect. With this product, you can create a finish that features unbelievable depth that is combined with bright and dramatic color schemes. Usually, you have to go through a 3-step process that starts with a metallic primer to have the right background. This is followed by the application of a transparent but colored base coat. The effect is finished off with a top coat that is clear gloss. Every coat must be individually cured. You may opt not to apply the final clear, but, it is there to increase the durability of the finish and protect the exterior parts of the product.

It is also possible to create a bi-tone or two-tone finish. The bi-tone finish cannot be applied without masking. This effect also requires patience and skill to be able to come up with the intended result. If you haven’t masked a powder effect before, then you should know that it is quite challenging and you cannot use just any type of tape, you have to use high temperature tape to ensure that there is a clean line between the applied colors.

For best results, it is suggested to use a combination of two colors that are dramatically and intensely different from each other. Use the powder coating color charts to get an idea of how the combination will look like. The second color will normally go on top of the first coat. If you plan to use transparent coating, you must ensure that you have carefully planned the finishing order. Do small test pieces first before doing the entire production to make sure that it is actually the effect you want.

To ensure that you get the best powder coating result, go with a provider that has substantial experience in the industry. Get in contact with Byers Bush Powder Coating now!

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