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Consider Powder Coating Your Bleacher to make it Last Longer

Posted on: November 25th, 2015 by byersbushblog

For high schools and colleges, bleachers are a large investment that has to be renewed every few years under normal conditions. While bleachers used to be made from wood, they are all slowly moving to steel and aluminum instead. Steel bleachers are the most common option, even though they often suffer from damaging corrosion that can force schools to make premature replacements and take away from budgets for sports programs.

If your school currently maintains a set of bleachers that aren’t powder coated, it’s worth taking some time to consider this approach if you have steel bleachers.

Reduce Maintenance

Compared to painted surfaces, surfaces that are powder coated tend to last a lot longer before they have to be maintained again. Sure they will eventually have to be recoated, but that’s often several decades after the original application was made.

By then the bleachers have already had a long life and have saved the school a great deal of money, paying to have them protectively coated once again won’t be a big deal at that point and will make a lot of financial sense. While it’s hard to justify the move right away without knowing all the benefits of powder coating first hand, it’s still a good move to make.

Versatile Color Options

If you think that deciding to powder coat bleachers instead of painting them is going to seriously limit your color options, you’re seriously mistaken. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As long as you work with a large company there should be plenty of color options to choose from. That’s because major companies like Byers Bush have plenty of relationships with suppliers and can get access to more powder options than many of the smaller businesses can.

Save Money

One of the most important reasons to switch from painted bleachers to powder coated bleachers is to save money. You’ll cut down on the number of bleachers that you have to invest in and the amount of maintenance that you have to do on them. This will save you a huge amount of money over time, even though you may spend a bit more initially to have the coating put on.

Every additional year that the bleachers last because of the coating investment, is a year that you won’t be spending any money. You can divide the total expense over every year the bleachers are in use, and you’ll see that your investment was a well-founded one after realizing how affordable the bleachers are on a yearly basis.

Avoid Less Costly Materials

Aluminum bleachers will last for a long time, and they don’t even have to be treated. That’s because aluminum corrodes very slowly. While aluminum is a superior option to steel in many ways, it’s also substantially more expensive. We’re talking two or three times as much money here at the least.

Aluminum also dents more easily and can be damaged with less effort. While aluminum would seem like a good solution for bleachers because it will hold up so well over time out in the elements, for many schools it’s just not an economical solution. What is economical is steel that’s protectively coated. It can last just as long as aluminum and it’s a whole lot more affordable. More importantly, it’s a lot less money up front, meaning that more schools can afford to make the investment right away.

If you’re in charge of a high school or a University that is simply spending too much money on bleachers, stands and other outdoor equipment, start having it powder coated. You’ll save much more than you spend, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Contact Byers Bush to get the benefit of powder coating your Bleacher, to make it last longer and save you more maintenance money.

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