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Powder Coating Garden Furniture for Best Quality Protection

Posted on: April 9th, 2017 by byersbushblog

Did you know that powder coated aluminum is commonly used in the construction of garden furniture frames? These types of garden furniture are known for being lightweight and durable aside from being environmentally friendly. The garden furniture can also easily blend together with whatever design you have because of the many options available.

Better for Furniture Frame

Sometimes people would wonder if aluminum or powder coated steel would be better for furniture frames. If you have a garden wicker furniture, the common concern would be on the side of the quality of the frame. It is undeniable that many people would rather have an aluminum frame because they want it to be rust-free. However, are you aware that powder coated steel is actually not a bad choice?

Are you aware that steel furniture was the “in” thing before aluminum was introduced in the furniture industry during the mid-20th century? Steel was widely preferred for its toughness making it difficult to bend or be dented. This means there is less worry about the furniture giving in when 3 to 4 adults would sit at the same time. However, the main worry about the steel furniture is that it is prone to corrosion especially when you live in an environment where it can easily get in contact with water.

With rust, it is not only the frame that will be damaged, but, you may also see rusty water stains on the wicker weave of your furniture. Manufacturers started looking at the possibility of using powder coating on the steel frame to protect the furniture from rust. The coating gives the steel an added layer of protection from the outside, but not from the inside. A good selling point for steel though is that it is significantly cheaper compared to aluminum, allowing you to buy 2 to 3 sets for the same amount of aluminum furniture.

Although aluminum is widely preferred for outdoor garden furniture, you need to exert an effort in cleaning it to ensure that it lasts a long time. You have to use a mild dish detergent solution diluted in warm water. With powder coated steel, you get a stronger and cheaper garden furniture that requires minimal cleaning and caring. With a clear coat, you will be able to give the garden furniture an additional finish that will make it even more beautiful.

Benefits for Furniture

In case you have never considered powder coating garden furniture to replace conventional painting processes, it would be good to note that it is not only efficient, but also extremely affordable. If you want crisp, durable, and beautifully finished furniture, then powder coating is obviously something you must consider. So if you still have some doubts, here are some benefits that powder coating can give your garden furniture.

  • Improved Weather Resistance – it does not matter if you are facing blistering heat or pouring rain, you can be sure that powder coating will never fail you. The finish of powder coating will rarely fade even if it is 20 years old. You can simply coat it and just forget about it.
  • Sensitive to the Environment – compared to other coating techniques like conventional paints, powder coating does not have chemical solvents that can harm the environment or the water supply. The great news is that all the excess coating from the previous application can be recycled to minimize the waste.
  • Variety of Applications – powder coating is also a great choice for both outdoor and indoor applications. The effectiveness of the coating with metal surfaces and outdoor furniture is comparable to the best types of coating processes in the world. It would be good to know that it can also be used on non-metallic surface and still produce high quality results.
  • Excellent Finish – if you are looking for an excellent and long-lasting finish that is a fraction of the cost of other coating procedures, then you definitely need powder coating. An added bonus is that there are almost limitless choices that will match every color scheme.

To make sure that powder coating garden furniture is done right, call Byers Bush and get your garden furniture powder coated for a long luxurious looks even after long exposure in extreme weather condition that can cause rust attack.

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